Aiden is 2.5 years old and flavour of the month (actually the last few months) is Lego. Specifically Lego Star Wars. Now Aiden has never seen actual Star Wars, being that he is only 2.5 years old, but he is absolutely batty for all things Lego Star Wars. Any TV he is allowed is always filled with the Lego Star Wars mini movie which is actually pretty perfect as it is 21 mins long so fits into his TV slot that he has whilst I try and get Faye down for her morning nap upstairs if we are at home. He knows a lot more about Star Wars from that Lego film and the books we got out of the library than I think I ever will, although I am learning quick as he looks so disappointed when I say I don’t know who all the characters are.

No point in fighting it (I actually secretly enjoy it too) so this week I decided to combine Star Wars with our little makes. Aiden seems to enjoy making things most when they have a purpose  (like the camera we made a few weeks ago) or if they are connected to things he loves (like all the dinosaur crafts we made last month). His excitement and participation also increases if we do several themed projects throughout the week so we started this week with him simply drawing R2D2.

What do you mean you don’t see it?! Hehe. Next Aiden wanted to make R2D2 (yes suddenly a theme seemed to emerge!) out of Lego. I figured a flat 2D version really was the sanest option so we found a design on Pinterest we liked and set about raking through all the Lego for the right size and colour pieces. When Keith plays Lego with Aiden he uses the kits and follows the instructions. Aiden is a bit too little to do that himself but he enjoys the finished toy. He was therefore completely baffled when I suggested we just get all the blue, white and grey Lego we could find and see what we could do. I’m pretty sure Aiden is going to snitch to Daddy that we followed no instructions!

Aiden likes playing with Duplo but today was definitely a Lego day. I am a big fan of Lego but is a bit on the advanced side in terms of construction as the kits usually state 5+. To make this toddler friendly then I made it simple. Aiden helped me find the different colour pieces and I planned to have him pass them to me to create the shape.

Aiden however had other plans and whilst I was still trying to find all the pieces we would need he build this version of R2D2 all on his own. He was proud as punch and I must say I was impressed that he was actually building on his own. So begins a life time obsession I suspect!

Whilst I was super happy with my boy for having such fun and showing such creativity making it himself,  a part of me (probably the 8 year old part!) still really wanted to build a figure that actually resembled the loveable droid. So whilst the kids napped, I said sod it to the house work and I set about building my own version.

What do you think? I think that is an excellent way to kill half an hour and Aiden’s face lit up when he found him after his nap.

Next we decided to make Aiden’s Nana a thank you card for,  you guessed it, the Lego she had recently bought him. Once more Aiden wanted R2D2 to feature so I drew out his outline and cut Aiden out some buttons made of paper with Sharpie drawing on them.

I love this idea because again it is so simple. There are plenty of Star Wars themed crafts (see the best of them here) but most are aimed at 6 year olds and above. This one worked perfectly for a toddler.

Depending on the age/skill level of the child involved you could tailor this to keep everyone happy. Smaller or larger bits to stick down,  allowing the kid to do the cutting up,  and getting them to draw the buttons would all be great variants. I was very happy with Aiden using the glue himself and telling me when he was finished as there were “just too many buttons!”

And there you have it folks,  some really simple toddler Star Wars crafts that any mini fan would be proud of. You could also do these crafts with other themes such as (I’m thinking of my boy here!) Paw Patrol, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam etc.

Have you made anything you want to share? We would love you to link up to #littlemakes here.

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