Aiden’s world is currently pretty Star Wars heavy. When we are at the dinner table he will say “let’s have a little chat.” I will say, “great, what do you want to chat about?” And without fail and without missing a beat he will reply “perhaps Star Wars.” It has been this way for months now and it shows no signs of losing favour. I don’t know too much about Star Wars so I find myself making things up! He is absolutely going to kill me when he discovers there is not infact a mouse who loves ballet and rides along with Han Solo called Angelina Ballerina…

So the scene is set; my boy will not talk about or do anything that doesn’t somehow relate back to Star Wars and it is rubbing off on us. Keith had gotten those build your own pizza’s from the shop the other day and when we took them off the polystyrene trays they are on we both at the same time said “they look like the Deathstar!” Well Aiden heard us and that was that, we were going to have to create a Deathstar from the pizza bases. Art supplies can be expensive so I am a huge fan of re-using things that you are finished with around the house. I have so so many toilet roll tubes saved and love getting parcels were I can strip them down to re-use the cardboard and bubblewrap to build a spaceship or some such. Sometimes I am more excited about the fancy crepe paper that adorns a present than the gift itself!

You will need:

  • 2 x pizza polystyrene tray bases (well that’s lunch sorted in the name of creativity!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (prit stick or pva)
  • Paint (black/grey/silver)
  • Paintbrushes / pipettes

What to do:

  • Cut up one of the pizza based into shapes you would find on the Deathstar. Keith knew what it looked like but I did a little Google image search to refresh my memory. Depending on the age of the child they might be able to help with the cutting. Aiden couldn’t but was happy enough watching it come together.
  • Stick the pieces of cutout shapes on to the other base. Either let the kids run riot and put the pieces where ever or as happened with us because Keith was on charge and like me a bit of a perfectionist, there was partial ‘stick them anywhere’ with a few ‘maybe this one should go here’ in order for it to definitely look like the Deathstar in the end.

  • This was as far as Aiden and Daddy got on project Deathstar before they decided to make cookies. As the cookies weren’t even Star Wars related we were thrilled! A fee days later on a particularly rainy day, I suggested we finish the Deathstar to distract Aiden as he was missing his Dad at work.

  • I had saved a pipette from some medicine a while back and never used it so thought Aiden might find it quite fun. He absolutely LOVED using it and I am always happy when crafts give him new skills. I mixed paint with water so that it would work with the pipette and made a few different shades of grey.

  • Aiden was crazy for putting loads of paint all over with the pipette but what I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that the polystyrene didn’t absorb the liquid as much as I thought it would.  Aiden didn’t mind at all but we did use a paintbrush to move around some puddles that formed.

  • Before the whole of my dinning room was coveted in paint from the pipette, I decided to introduce some thinker, none watered down paint. This worked an absolute treat and Aiden loved the freedom to slap loads and loads on. In fact it was tough going to convince him to stop before we ran out of paint!

And there you have it; one Deathstar to add to our Space themed wall and one very happy Star Wars mad boy. You could make lots of other circular shaped objects like this I am sure but all that currently springs to mind is a BB8 model…

If you like my #littlemakes why don’t you check out some other bloggers ones too here. I think there are even be some none Star Wars related crafts in there!

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