In less than a week we are moving to our first home. This can mean only one thing. Free reign to decorate / knock down as many walls as we like. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have watched far too many DIY shows over the years and already consider myself an interior design / home renovator / architectural genius based on absolutely no evidence what so ever!

The first rooms we will do up will be the kid’s.  We want them to feel completely at home in their new house and totally love their bedrooms so we want them to be extra personal. Their two rooms are upstairs and will actually be the only rooms we aren’t going to structurly change so it also makes sense that we start there and fully do them up as we won’t be coming along in six months and knocking down a wall or anything. As Aiden is three we were able to ask him what he wants in his room. Luckily for theme mad me, he replied with the perfect answer; Lego. Faye is a bit trickier as she can’t yet talk ay one year old but I am pretty sure she will love her fairy forest full of adventure.

Here, as I unfortunately have had no time to actually make anything this week with house move stuff taking over, I have collected together some great Lego room purchases but also ideas of things for us to make ourselves for the room once we are settled in. Let me know what you think. Any other great Lego ideas for us to try?

I spotted these absolutely fab draws over on Etsy so you can buy them but I am just going to paint Aiden’s current wardrobe / draws myself. I am not sure yet if I will go the whole hog and add the round Lego piece parts or if I will make handles out if Lego blocks glued together. Either way I think it will add a great fun and practical piece to the room. Everyone needs storage right!

Wall stickers. I LOVE them! As we have only ever rented  (until now. Woop woop) we have never actually been able to paint a room. I wanted Aiden’s nursery to be special and that is when I discovered wall stickers and became a tad obsessed. I have used 6 other sets since then and my one piece of advice would be don’t go cheap. Buy good quality stickers like RoomMates which you can get on Amazon for around £15. You can peel them on and off to reposition them and they don’t take half the wall with you when you come to remove them. Only problem with our Lego theme is they don’t do a Lego set so I will have to brave an unknown make.

I spotted this neat curtain tie idea on Pinterest, lovely Pinterest,  a while back and saved it for such a time as now. Lego curtains themselves are crazy experience  (honestly the cheapest I have found was £80!) but with these I will be able to use Aiden’s current colourful curtains and turn them into Lego themed ones.

I loved posters as a kid (and in Uni. Totally covered my whole flat in them floor to ceiling) With the kid’s rooms I am thinking to go a touch classy and frame them rather than have those lovely blue tac marks everywhere. Now the only question is which of the many Lego posters out there will we pick.

I have been thinking about a Lego table for Aiden for ages but there simply was not enough space in our last house. I want one that has plenty of space on top for Aiden to leave his creations built out as currently we have to tidy them up after each play. I also really really need one that has a lot of storage space as we have quite a large lego collection and Aiden is only three years old.

Now if the Lego table doesn’t have enough storage and even if it does, I am thinking of getting some official lego storage boxes and lego head storage. Not only will they be great for keeping the room tidy but they will be great at making the room uniformed with the theme. They are expensive though so I will be getting them second hand definitely.

Family Days Tried and Tested wrote a blog post on how to make this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Lego night light house and I just adore it. This is definitely going to be a project I work on with Aiden and send a lot of time planning the rooms etc. I am pretty sure even though Aiden does currently use a night light, he is going to go crazy for this.

I am always a fan of things that are both beautiful and practical. This tissue box cover gets bonus points as I can also build it with Aiden too and I love the idea of him really getting involved with creating his perfect bedroom.

I found these fantastic Lego superhero cushions on Etsy and think they will look great on Aiden’s bed and reading chair. He loves superheros so this is a great way to keep the Lego theme but get that extra dimension to his room.

 I am sure there are a million other items out there that would fit the Lego theme and I will no doubt add to this list but I am pretty happy with this as a starting point and think Aiden’s room is going to look very cool!

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6 thoughts on “Lego Bedroom Plans”

  1. Some fantastic ideas for LEGO fans, the drawers are particularly ace and see how easy these would be to make… definitely go for the round pieces! Hope all goes well with the move and don’t forget to have a rest! Sim xx

  2. wow what lovely ideas, the lego theme is really bright and colourful and i’m sure will look fantastic for a child’s bedroom. I love the tissue box idea. Hope the move and decorating goes well #littlemakes

  3. Hello Stay, Wow, what a lovely ideas! The Lego theme is really bright and colorful and I am sure it will look fantastic for a child’s bedroom. I love the tissue box idea. Thanks for sharing such a nice idea.

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