I don’t know how many times I have said it but I know this won’t be the last; Aiden love Lego. He loves Lego and it isn’t a passing fad. He started young on it too. Younger than the boxes recommended actually because he received all of his Daddy’s childhood Lego one afternoon from Nana’s loft where it had been stored for over a decade and a half. Fortunately for us Aiden never has been a child who puts things in his mouth. Even as a baby he didn’t do it so whilst we do watch him with the Lego we are very secure that there isn’t a choking risk with his personality. Faye would be a completely different case as everything goes in her mouth so thank heavens for chunky Duplo that she can play with while Aiden keeps his Lego away from his baby sister. We play with Lego every single day without fail so this week I thought perhaps we could see if we could do something a bit different and maybe even get in a bit of sneaky but fun learning whilst we played. Here are a few Lego activities we have been trying out over the last few days. Do you have any others to suggest? I would love to hear about them!

Lego Length

All of these activities are actually really simple and suitable for a toddler but this is definitely the simplest of the lot. All you need is Lego (duh! You’ll be needing Lego for all these activities!), and then an item or items you want to measure. We went with shoes because Aiden’s feet keep growing and he gets a bit upset when he outgrows a cool pair of shoes and didn’t understand what I meant by his feet being too long for the old shoe. This activity is a nice simple visual way of teaching kids about length and comparison if you measure items of differing size as we did.

We took one of Aiden’s and one of Faye’s shoes (like I say you can measure any and everything really!) and we were going to do one of my shoes but never got round to it. First I showed Aiden the two shoes and explained that the Aiden shoe was bigger or longer that Faye’s smaller / shorter shoe.  Then I asked Aiden to build a tower of Lego that he thought was the same length ad Faye’s shoe. Once he had done what he guessed was the same length we lay it next to the shoe and discovered he needed to add more bricks. Once they did measure the same length I asked Aiden to move the Lego next to his shoe to see what it looked like. He found the fact that it was now smaller than his show hilarious. We added more bricks and then reversed the process to show Aiden’s feet size length of Lego was bigger than Faye’s shoe. Simple but Aiden was fascinated.

Noughts & Crosses

Now I use to love playing Noughts & Crosses as a kid but I have no memory of how I learnt to play or how young I was but I thought why not just see what Aiden makes of it. To make it more interactive than a piece of paper, I decided we would make it out of Lego. Aiden helped make the grid although initially he did just want to build a police station … It did take a good few attempts and me illustrating three in a row about a million times, but by the end it did seem like he understood the general premise and I certainly enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Lego Faces

I had this great idea. I had this great idea that we would make portraits of each other out of Lego. I definitely have some lofty ideas on just how advanced a not even three year old can be when it comes to crafts and building/design technique. The portraits didn’t even get going. Not a single blue block for and eye or a vaguely mouth shaped red block gathering. Aiden did not want to make portraits even when I reminded him of the R2D2 portrait I had made him a few weeks back and which he still loves. So ladies and gents, this is one I will return to another time but if you have any luck with it do let me know as I imagine it can be a lot of fun (with participants!)

Lego Scale

A lot like with the measuring activity, I wanted to play a game this time which illustrated what weight was and how we know what is heavier or lighter. I simply took a hanger and attached a piece of string, the same length, to each side of the hanger.  I let Aiden pick a toy he wanted to measure and thank heavens he decided on an absolutely idea dinosaur to weigh. We then fasted one Lego block to the other side and asked Aiden to add more blocks. Each time we had added a few more we took a step back to see how the two sides had moved and which was lower down or higher up than the other. Once we had them as close to matching as possible, I took them both off and put one in each of Aiden’s hand to show hI’m that even though they were different shapes,  they still weighed the same. This is definitely one to return to when Aiden is in school and studying Science as it is so simple yet nice and effective to use.

If you have enjoyed reading about my #littlemakes this week why not head over to my #littlemakes post here and see what everyone else has been up to. There is always something in there to inspire me!

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