After the success of last week’s Deathstar from pizza tray base post (I had four different companies remark on it in emails about completely seperate product reviews which is sweet!), I thought I’d see what else I had laying around the house that we could craft rather they stick on the recycling straight away. So this week we made three different #littlemakes suitable to do with a toddler, out of one Ferrero Rocher box. I already had the empty (sob!) box on but you might just need to go out and buy a box and eat them all. These crafts don’t work with a full box of chocolates so do it for the kids and get scoffing!

Make Number One: Colour Sorter

You will need:

  • Previously mentioned EMPTY box of Ferrero Rocher
  • Something with a few colour variations eg Lego pieces

How to make it:

This is pretty much as easy as it comes folks. The Ferrero Rocher box comes with a tray that the chocolate sat in that makes for ideal wee compartments for small objects. We decided to colour sort our ridiculously huge collection of the free wee Stickeez you use to get at Lidl. I placed one of each colour in a space on the tray, then Aiden sorted through all the remaining ones and organised them into the right spaces. So relaxing and a great invitation to talk about colours and in my boys case to start discussing shades of colours as there were quite a lot of pink/purple shades that were “being tricky!”

Make Number Two: Pollockesque Mess Free Action Painting

You will need:

  • The same empty Ferrero Rocher box from above only perhaps you kids loved using that one so much for colour sorting you best go eat another box
  • Paint
  • Small ball like a bouncy ball
  • Thick paper/thin card

How to make it:

Yet another easy one here as I have been keeping the crafts really simple recently. There is either not much time whilst Faye is napping or if we are doing them whilst she is up they need to be simple enough for me to do with one eye on toddler and one eye on baby and my sanity still intact. I have actually done something very simular to this before but just using a ovan dish that didn’t have a lid. The risk of painted covered bouncing balls jumping all over my floor and walls was high so this was a huge improvement. Although Aiden found the bouncing paint balls much more giggle worthy.

All you do here is place a piece of paper into the empty Ferrero Rocher box  (remove the insert). You shouldn’t need to fasten it down if it is a nice snug fit and as the weight of the ball will help keep it in place. Then put several blobs of paint all over the paper. Place the ball on to the paper and the put the lid back on. Now shake!! Shake shake shake! And voila a mess free and really rather beautiful (Turner prize worthy?) piece of art.

Make Number Three: A Maze 

Aiden has been reading/exploring a fantastic maze book this week and whilst he is fascinated by the tiny tiny attention to detail in the drawings and can spend hours pouring over the book, he doesn’t understand how to do the mazes yet. To be fair the book is 6+ but I thought it might help if I visually and in 3D showed him what a maze was.

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Either a Lego sized figure or a marble sized ball
  • Your third box of Ferrero Rocher

I made a grave error of judgement on this onecklace as I tried to make the Maze whilst both kids were awake and staring at me to be amused. I hadn’t even pre-cut any card or Sellotape! Anyhow, it’s not pretty but it did get done without tears so that’s a win.

How to make it:

I cut some cardboard I had from an Amazon parcel into strips the hight of the Ferrero Rocher box and then cut them into different lengths to fit where I wanted them to do to create the maze. I used the Sellotape to hold the card in place. Aiden could help with thus bit but he was intrigued by what I was doing and interested at seeing how a maze is created. He had a great understanding by the end of how the walls create dead-ends etc. We only made a very very simple maze (did I mention two awake children) but you could make a really great complicated one and even one with door ways in the walls. We used a Lego figure to adventure through but you could also set it up to have to tilt the box to move a tiny balk through it.

So now I have given you a few reasons to absolutely justify going and eating a whole load of chocolate what are you waiting for. GO!

If you liked this #littlemakes and what to see some others or perhaps have something you want to share with us,  pop over to the #littlemakes linky here as we would love for you to join in.


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8 thoughts on “Ferrero Rocher Box Crafts for Toddlers”

  1. What great ideas! My favourite is the maze idea, I think you could go one step further with that one by making an open plan house with the walls stuck down and also no higher than each half so you can close it when the fun is finished for the day and then reopen again the next, or maybe roads for cars?

    Its brilliant though and makes me want to go out to buy a box, just for that reason alone of course, ahem! *cough * *cough*

    Thanks for the great pics too!!
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