Myself and the children are down visiting my folks again currently as Keith is away with work. As such I don’t have my craft supplies with me but I did manage to rustle a few things together for this week’s #Littlemakes.

What you will need:

  • Large paper, ideally cardboard
  • Lots of medium / large size toy cars
  • Felt-tip pens or crayons
  • Sellotape

This is an extremely easy make this week as my entire household has been struck by the cold so I wanted a simple yet fun indoor game to play with Aiden as the poor boy spluttered away and Faye watched us mesmerised.

What to do:

  • Simply take some of the kid’s medium or larger size cars and trucks.
  • Take the lids off some pens. The thicker they are the better we found they worked. (If you had a big space, perhaps outdoors, this could be really fun done with paintbrushes and paint too)
  • Sellotape the pens to the back of the cars at the right hight so that once pushed along the cars will leave a trail of pen scribbles wherever they go.
  • Let the child go to town on some big pieces of cardboard and enjoy the results of different traffic scenarios. Let the cars have races,  give chase after a bank robbery, or perhaps drive around imaginary streets visiting shops etc.

Aiden was fascinated with the whole set up of this #littlemake although it didn’t seem to keep his attention for too long. I put that down to his being ill though because at bed time he asked if tomorrow we could make the same thing again so it must have been fun. If you have any fun #littlemakes why not join in our linky here.

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