Last week I posted about our plans for Aiden’s Lego themed bedroom. This week I am looking at Faye’s room. She is 14 months now and definitely no longer a baby. She is an absolutely spirited and determined little girl and I want her room to reflect her adventurous nature. I was not a pink princess type of girl when I was little (nor am I now!) and I am fine if Faye is interested in those type of things but so far she is showing much more interest in anything and everything her brother plays with and he isn’t into princesses. Faye loves to climb and she loves being outdoors. She is also a very very cuddly child and loves her soft dolls and teddy’s, so I wanted to add a soft, sweet element to the forest theme, which is where the fairies and woodland creatures come into the plan.

These two fairy houses were actually the first things I bought for Faye’s new room. I saw them in a shop when I was down visiting my folks over the Summer holidays. They are supposed to be for the garden and actually have little solar panels in the roofs which then sees them light up at night but I think they will look great up on a shelf in Faye’s room until she is a bit older.

I mentioned in Aiden’s room plan that I absolutely LOVE wall stickers as they are such a simple and effective way of giving a kid’s room a make-over and setting a theme. With Faye’s room I am sure I will also be using stickers but the question is, what type? Do I go for a classy woodland silhouette type? Do I focus on the forest or the fairies or throw everything at it because heck if you can’t go mad when decorating a one year old’s bedroom when can you?! And then there is always the option to get a whole wall covered in a forest scene mural…

I think toadstools are just beautiful so they are sure to feature all over Faye’s room. These stool cushion covers look like a nice and simple DIY craft project for the Winter months. I love all the other woodland soft furnishings here too but think I will be heading to the good old internet to purchase some rather than trying to make them. How fun does the indoors camp fire look?!

I have always loved the idea of a sort of quiet corner for kids to escape to when things maybe get too busy or they just want to relax or concentrate on something. I know Aiden often takes himself off to read in a quiet corner so I hope if I get something like this hanging canopy and decorate it with leaves and twinkle lights and fairies then Faye too might calm down on occasion!

I am not sure exactly WHERE I want gorgeous fabrics but I know I definitely want them SOMEWHERE. It might be on curtains or bedding or cushions. Now the question is just WHICH fabric to get?…

I am very very particular when it comes to putting quotation and inspirational sayings up in the house, so much so in fact that we only have one in Aiden’s old room that said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” I loved it when I saw it and I definitely think I will be getting some good string adventure ones for Faye’s room as they certainly fit her personality.

As well as seeing what the shops have to offer for decorating Faye’s room, I know I want to do some wee DIY projects myself so I took to Pinterest. I love this little fairy houses made from simple twigs that can go on the wall. And I really want to have some things like these garlands hanging from the roof as both my children love things like this. I am thinking a combination of found nature items and handmade felt will look nice together.

A fairy door (or 3?!)  is of course an absolute must. I love this whole setup with washing line and bench but I think to have it on the floor is just asking for a one year old to break it. I think the picture frame wall hanging option will be our best solution for whilst she is little and this house shelf is so sweet.

This one is a “tiny” bit out there and wishful thinking but I just know my little climber would go crazy for her very own indoor climbing tree!

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