This week we are staying with my folks down in England. The weather has been on off but we have had some great sunny days and have been out on mini adventures most days. It has been lovely but it does mean we have done absolutely no making! The shame of it I know. I hang my head. Yesterday afternoon Aiden asked me if we could make something which thankfully reminded me the #littlemakes was coming up so I sprung into action. We don’t have our art box down here but luckily my Mum had picked up a cute little Hungry Caterpillar art set recently for a rainy day so we got it out. Aiden didn’t want to ‘just’ draw a picture so I decided to show him how to make a simple paper hand puppet. I shall spare you the pain of me trying to explain how to fold the paper and instead give you these illustrations.

And here is another one with some text to explain it (and info on how to also make it into a game too)

Once I had made the folded oragami I asked Aiden what he wanted his hand puppet to be and he said a monster. We have been playing with the Laurence King Scary Bingo all week which is why he chose a monster. Apparently we needed a monster caller to call the Bingo instead of me.

At first we tried using the crayons but they just squashed the firm of the paper so I folded it flat again and Aiden painted ‘spots’ on his monster. Once he thought the monster had enough colours, I used a sharpie to draw on the eyes. And there you have it, one simple monster hand puppet. The possibilities are endless fir the types if animals you can make and an older child could really go to town with them. I have put a few I found online as inspiration at the end of this post as I am sure we will be returning to this #littlemakes many more times over the coming years!

This post has been part of the #littlemakes linky which you can find here. There are plenty of great blogs sharing their #littlemakes with us so get reading or even join in.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Origami Hand-puppet”

  1. We’ve yet to try origami with our little ones. I really love the fact it was turned into a monster and love the animal images shown. I’ve seen it done as a prediction thing in the past. #littlemakes

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