Last weekend Aiden turned three. People always say time flies when you have kids and birthdays sneak up on you,  well this one certainly did. Aiden’s birthday was on Sunday and he was supposed to have a party on Saturday only he was taken to hospital on Friday afternoon and there we remained until Saturday afternoon. Party was cancelled and on Saturday night I remembered that I had promised Aiden a very specific birthday cake. Thank heavens it turned out to be one of my better ideas and easy to make.

You will need:

  • A Victoria sponge* cake (bake it yourself if you are a domestic Queen / King or buy a nice one as I did to ensure it was eatable.
  • Chocolate icing
  • M&M’s (1 bag)
  • Flake’s (approx 3)
  • Lego construction kit although really any type of Lego or small toys can be used

What to do:

Firstly dust off as much of the white sugar powder as you can if your cake is shop bought. If you have made your own, remember not to bother adding the dusting as it makes spreading the chocolate extremely tricky. Use a knife (or two!) to cover the top of the cake in a thick and messy layer of chocolate icing. I decided to leave the sides of the cake uncovered so you could see it was a Victoria sponge rather than chocolate cake as Aiden had been so specific about that I wanted to make it a feature of the cake. Great British Bake Off informs me this is a “naked” cake or at least features semi nudity! 😉

Prior to the icing I had (well actually my glamorous assistant / my wee sister!) made a simple cake base out of a piece of thick box cardboard, cut to the size of a large plate and covered in kitchen foil. She had also cut out a number three to fit onto the cake in order to mask an area that we didn’t want covered in flakes. We iced the cake, placed the number three in position, and the crumbled the flakes all over the cake (and a little in our mouths too, for energy you understand!) We then carefully and slowly peeled off the number three to reveal the chocolate below. We had planned originally to take a Lego wheel and run it over the number three so it looked like the diggers had made a track but actually with the way the chocolate was pulled up with the cardboard removal, it just so happened it already looked like this so we left it.

Now for my favourite part, the bit I found most fun after the stress of icing (hey I don’t bake at all so I was a nervous wreck at the start of this!) we began the real decorating with the Lego figures. We had planned out which bits we wanted where so they wouldn’t be over-crowded. We also decided we needed things at different levels so we found a Lego man on a ladder and added a mud slide by simply putting a dollop of icing all over one side of the cake. We did the same on the other side but made it come out of one of the diggers. We added the M&M’s for a splash of colour and fun. They worked great because the stick to easy to the icing.

Finally once all the Lego men and vehicles were in position (we even had one sweeping up to try and keep the building site clean) we added a simple number three candle because the cake was already looking pretty busy so we didn’t want to add too much more. Aiden was absolutely thrilled the new day at his party when he saw the cake. He got the Lego-construction-mud-cake-that-wasn’t-a-chocolate-cake that he wanted and all for less that £20 including all the new Lego which of course he was thrilled to keep after we washed the chocolate off. I am pretty sure this is now going to be my thing and each year I can make a different themed Lego cake. The possibilities are endless and so simple, I really can’t mess it up!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Lego Mud (chocolate!) cake”

  1. I’m sorry your little boy was ill but I’m glad he got to enjoy his cake and have a party in the end! Your cake looks fantastic and such a lovely idea. My little boy is going to turn 3 in a few months and I feel so inspired by your cake design. He is more into dinosaurs at the moment though, so I may have to think of ways to turn your mud cake into a dino hangout! x #littlemakes
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