In case you haven’t noticed it is sunny! Like really sunny and really hot! Well hot for the UK anyhow and as I am down in England at the moment it is really hot for me, a Scottish lass (where you lay your hat and all). As soon as the sun is out (and often when it isn’t!) my kids want to be outside and so do I. That has meant that in the last fortnight we have done no crafts at all. So taking inspiration from some of the other blogs that join in #littlemakes regularly and have had some great ideas for outdoor crafts, I thought we would combine our garden time with our making this week. Best of both worlds!

Last week we visited Jupiter Artland; a wonderful sculpture park especially suited to a roaming toddler and a buggy path for the littlest. Aiden asked if we could get some sculptures for the garden at our new house (have I mentioned, it is HUGE!) which got me thinking about how I could let Aiden built a sculpture himself. Then it hit me, the wonderful Andy Goldsworthy was the answer and there had even been one of his pieces at Jupiter Artland. I took to Google to pull up some examples to show Aiden who said he really loved them! I told him a bit about the ideas and intent of Goldsworthy’s art and Aiden chatted to me as if Andy was a pal of ours who made these cool things.

As we are currently down visiting my folks, the kids have a great garden to play in till we move to our new house. I sent Aiden off scavenging for supplies for our sculpture and he and his search helicopter  (of course!) soon located the rockery that contained some excellent rocks fit for purpose. If we had been out and about in the woods or at the beach and I had the foresight to think of this then we could have had all kinds of bits and bobs but we made do with the garden treasures.

Aiden started by lining up the rocks but said it wasn’t a sculpture and asked for help so I suggest we do a spiral as so many of Goldsworthy’s pieces incorporate them. Aiden got half way with a spiral before it morphed into a sort of maggot shape thing! Whatever it was, Aiden was happy and then collected dried leaves and a snail shell to complete the masterpiece. I am nearly entirely convinced Jupiter Artland will be phoning any day now to negotiate it’s purchase!

The side and numerous other toys then twinkled and caught Aiden’s eye but we will definitely be returning to make more nature sculptures in the future as I am desperate to try some with twigs and also different shades of leaves. Ooo and just think what you could make at a beach. The possibilities are endless.

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