Nothing really pressing needs to happen between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day and yet it always seems to drive me a tad mad that I get nothing done. I guess because a lot of places close for some of those days, and you never really know which businesses open again when. It is often safest to just assume everyone and everything is sleeping till January 2nd (or actually the 3rd in Scotland as we discovered again today at the pharmacy. Every. Single. Year!) I always stock up on yummy food (can you tell the diet has started and all I think about is bread?) and knuckle down to catching up on paperwork during this period. When I say paperwork, I don’t mean it in the boring work sense, I mean correspondence; specifically thank you cards.

I have said this before and I am pretty sure I will say it again (love banging my drum); people love getting post, thank you cards are so important, and nothing beats handmade. So save yourself another lecture from me and why not post a handmade thank you card today!  I think it is so important to teach children to genuinely understand about all the gifts they recieve and to show how thankful they are for the people who gifted them. I also know that my family love cards made by my kids so this week my #littlemakes has been to make a little selection of cards to post out.

What you will need 

  • Cardboard – a few nice colours 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue – Pva or prit stick 
  • Glitter
  • Child safe paint 
  • Paint brush
  • Felt tip pen

How to make them

For the first card I decided to make a hand print from my son and one from my daughter. What is cuter than a tiny child’s handprint? That child’s even tinier sister’s handprint inside his of course! 

So first I painted Faye’s hands (she laughed and found this ticklish) then I had to try and open her clasped shut little fist to make the print (she HATED this and screamed blue murder). Next it was big brother Aiden’s turn but he wasn’t even up for the fun tickly part and flat out refused to have them painted. Tried bribery, didn’t work. In the end we decided to draw round his hands instead. He found this ticklish too so was happy as Larry. 

Once I had cut round the shapes and the paint was dry, I drew around the edge of the handprints with  PVA glue. I then placed them in a plastic container (any foolishly optimistic hope I held of this stopping the glitter going everywhere was soon well and truly dashed) and let Aiden cover them in glitter. 

While the glue was drying we started on card design number two. It is always wise the have a few smaller crafts set up to keep toddler occupied whilst bits dry and you are cutting things I find. For card design number two, I kept it really simple and just let Aiden go to town on some cards with the stamp set he got for Christmas. Aiden pretended he was a librarian stamping out books as well as designing said ‘books’ from covers complete with title and authors name.

Now while Aiden was caught up in the stamping, I made four paper chip springy things (see photo as I have no idea what to call them) and glued the two hands together. The idea being that when my family open their envelopes, the little handprints will spring out.

For our third and final Thank you card design we  got some cards ready and cut out some little paper hearts from some other scrap paper. We bluetacked them to the card (don’t glue! You need to be able to remove them later) 

We then took a rolling pin and sellotaped some bubble wrap around it. Aiden loves painting with the rolling pin and bubble wrap so I knew this would be a hit. 

In the past I have put all the paint on the rolling pin for Aiden but today he decided he wanted to do it all himself, and what a great job he did too.

Once Aiden had beautifully covered the cards and the table in a rainbow of colours, I simply removed the hearts to leave a nice blank heart shaped space to write Thank You!

And there you have it, three different thank you cards from my kids to send to all the people we are so thankful to have in our lives. 

Do you make thank you cards? Have any little crafts you have made? Why not post them to the #littlemakes Linky here.

One of Each #littlemakes

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