Last weekend we took the kids to the Glasgow Science Center because, well one it is fantastic, and two it was one of their #littleexplorers days and it was dinosaur themed. Aiden seems to be shifting his interests of late. He use to just love things like trains and fire engines because they made noises and were big but of late I have noticed he loves things he can ask lots and lots and LOTS of questions about. He loves exploring even if that be through make believe and asking us about the thing he wants to know more about (often replying “ah I see!”) He loves space, under the sea, lego and dinosaurs a lot at the moment, all of which have so many levels they can keep his thirst for knowledge quenched and my head spinning with questions.

Anyhow dinosaur day, as predicted, was a huge hit. So much so in fact that Aiden was pretty upset to find that he had fallen asleep in the car on the way home and we had actually gone through with going home like we had mentioned we were doing and not decided to live at the Science Center.

All Aiden has asked for ever since is to go back and to have another dinosaur day. Well with Keith leaving on Sunday to work away for a few weeks I decided to go all out and do my best to cheer my wee boy up and give him a dinosaur day right here at home. No missed naps and I could relax with Faye too who doesn’t feed well when we are out and about and it is all so exciting.

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast so we got off to a great start with this chap as the fruit portion of it. It was such a hit infact, I had to make FOUR of them for Aiden!

Next we checked on the still-to-be-named dinosaur egg that we put in water to hatch over night yesterday. We wanted him to be able to enjoy Dinosaur Day with us but to date (5 days later now!) he is still hatching very very slowely. He sits on the coffee table and Aiden is fascinated. He also keeps checking with me that this dinosaur won’t be a big one and it won’t eat him up.

We assembled to troops and got the play dough ready for our first dino make. It was really very simple but highly effective. We used the different size dinosaur toys to see what size claw prints they would leave after we stomped them along the play dough.

While Aiden was stomping away we got to talk about different size dinosaurs, what footprints can tell us, other animals that leave tracks, what tracks are. It went on and on and was so lovely to see him learning with no effort at all. To him he was just having fun with his toys.

This activity kept Aiden entertained for quite sometime but when I noticed him beginning to lose interest I suggested perhaps he would like to help a dinosaur who had lost his spikes. Ever the helpful chap, Aiden jumped at the chance. So I made a very basic dinosaur out of the play dough (I had to stop myself getting obsessive and being there all day as it was rather fun!) Then I gave Aiden some uncooked spaghetti and giant pasta tubes and asked him to make the dinosaur’s spine spikes. Well he was enthralled and I had to make many more dinosaurs  (and a pufferfish/round blob for speed once)

Aiden had a great time telling his toy dinosaurs how he had helped the play dough dinosaur get his spikes back!

Next in our Dinosaur Day we had a friend of Aiden’s visit for a few hours while his Mum went to an interview. So suddenly I had two toddlers and a baby to look after. Luckily I had planned for this the night before and Aiden and I had frozen some dinosaurs so the boys could excavate (is that the right word? I’ll ask Aiden) them together.

It is really really simple to do. Place plastic dinosaur in a container like an empty ice cream box. Fill with water to cover dinosaur. Place in freezer. Simple. I them popped the ice blocks out of the containers and placed them in an oven dish so we didn’t get melted ice everywhere. You could let your kids go to town on the ice with toy tools (or real ones supervised!) but I thought that would be better out in the garden in Summer. We decided instead to put some warm water on the table and the boys painted their ice blocks causing the ice to melt and the dinosaurs to be freed.

Once Aiden’s pal had left we had one more dinosaur activity left to do. Again this is one I prepared earlier folks so I had something new to show my boy whilst I was breastfeeding his sister. I’m a trick up the sleeve kind of Mum! Meet Spelliosauros! He is very easy to make. First draw a dinosaur minus any spikes on to some paper. Cut out the dinosaur and glue it to a piece of thick cardboard. Now cut around this dinosaur. Then write your child’s name along the top of your Spelliosauros. Collect a peg for each letter in your kid’s name and with a sharpie write the letter on each peg. The aim then is to match the correct spike to the letter on the dinosaur’s back. It was hard work learning how to use the clothes pegs but I could see Aiden was enjoying himself as he sat next to me nursing Faye. He now know what his name looks like written down and as he has been asking me to teach him to read for ages, I think that is a pretty good start.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all dinosaured out. Well for today at least, I’m sure my interest will return tomorrow when I head downstairs to eagerly check if our dinosaur pet has finally fully hatched! (Or take a knife to the shell secretly…)

This has been a #littlemakes production which you can join here. Have you ever had a themed day? If your kids could have any theme, what do think they would go for?

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8 thoughts on “Dinosaur Day Makes for a Toddler ”

  1. Jaxon was given a big plastic jar of dinosaurs for Christmas and he loved emptying them all over the floor. He’s still train obsessed. He’s not so keen on painting but loves baking (I think because he can eat the results…) I love the dinosaurs and pegs for spelling Aidan’s name. I’ll have to try that with Jaxon – he might be able to match the shapes of the letters even if he doesn’t know the actual letters. Thanks for sharing! #littlemakes

  2. What an amazing set of dino activities! I remember the time when mine were dinosaur mad – sadly it’s been all but outgrown now. My youngest still has a (fairly scientific) interest in dinosaurs, and has a game on his kindle about them. Loving your hands on activities though, it takes me back! #LittleMakes

  3. Love it that there’s a whole day of activities. There’s dinosaurs at a park near us, I’m going to take them there and then use these activities to make a whole day of it!!! #littlemakes

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