A few weeks ago we took to the beach to collect pebbles for our story stones to help Aiden talk more with other kid’s at forest school. Well they were such a hit with both Aiden, the other kids, AND the teachers, that we thought this week we would make another pebble craft to take in. As it is now officially the month of Christmas we decided it was a good idea to make some pebble Snowmen in case we don’t get the real thing again till February! Here are our wondrously fun pebble Snowmen (and Santa might have sneaked in too!) and how you can so easily make some too.

What you need

  • Pebbles (free from your local beach!)
  • Stone paint / acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Pebble paint pens / sharpies

What to do

This time just Faye and I headed to the beach to collect the pebbles one rather overcast morning whilst Aiden was at forest school. It was so windy we only stayed half an hour but if you plan ahead you can just collect pebbles the next time you see them rather than a special trip. It was a good excuse to get out and brave the weather though so if your kids have been indoors to long it is a very simple and purpose reason for a quick beach visit.

When picking the pebbles rememer to select variety of sizes as they need to be stacked later. Flatter bottomed ones are also ideal.

Once we had our pebbles we painted them all over in white acrylic paint. This bit is ideal for children of all ages as they can really go to town and it doesn’t matter one jot. Where Aiden didn’t manage to completely cover then, I just sneakily put a bit of extra paint afterwards.

We left them to dry and once completel dry we used the pebble paint pens and sharpies to add the buttons, scarves, hats, and faces complete with coal eyes and carrot nose. I’l be honest, I did most of these as Aiden wanted them to be perfect,  but children could easily do this too if keen

Once all put snowman parts were completed there is othing left to do except attempt to stack them! Aiden found it a so hysterical when they would fall own as I was trying to build them. He also tried to build a few on his own which was excellent for his hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. We made one little Father Christmas too but the possibilities are endless.  We are thinking of elves ext with all those fun stripes!

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