This time last year was when Jemma over at Thimble and Twig approached me to co-host #Christmaslittlemakes She was extremely patient with me as I emailed her manically (often at 3am as I nursed Faye) for the following four weeks asking all kinds of linky related questions and cursing technology. So a year has gone by and I am still emailing her cursing coding but we have had not only a wonderful December of #christmaslittlemakes last year but a whole year now of #littlemakes. So many people join in and share their crafting it really is a wonderful community all year round but it started with Christmas and I am so excited that we are back again this year to share all your festive makes. Here is a quick reminder of just some of the wonderful posts from last year to get you in the mood for this years which starts this very week and will run through December. (Linky is at the bottom of the page)

The Butterfly Mother starts us off with this lovely handmade advent calendar which has come at exactly the right time for me as I am about to do my own version of this for the kids and their Kindness Elves in preparation for the 1st. Ours will be a hanging advent calendar but I will certainly be borrowing some of these fab activity ideas.

My Busy Beehives than made sure all our Christmas trees were looking absolutely beautiful with this simple Glitter Snowflake Ornament tutorial. I haven’t given this ago myself but I have till the first of December before the tree goes up so I sense a rainy afternoon filled with tree decoration making happening very soon.

If you are planning ahead and wanting to make sure you have all the presents ready to go, then Kizzy, Izzy and Baby certainly helped us out with these Homemade Gifts for Kids to make. Ideal for Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, teachers and also all those many many nursery and school pals who spring up out of the woodwork!

Next on my list of personal favourites from last years #christmaslittlemakes has to be some of the baking! Christmas is a time to eat people and anyone who says otherwise is just fibbing! Chocolate and Wine and I’ll Be Fine shared with us these super cute Chocolate Rudolf Bites and Big Family, Big Fun made some Reindeer Snacks with the kids for Christmas Eve.

There is nothing better this time of year that getting the kids outside playing (as well as nature being wonderful this time of year it also pretty much guarantees good sleep after!) so we enjoyed these Coloured Nature Ice Blocks from Mammasschool.

So have you been inspired yet or do you want to read more? Head over to the #christmaslittlemakse linky right below to join in and see what others have been making the Winter.

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