Advent, advent, ein Lichtlein brennt.

The countdown has begun! Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas and I’m already itching to get the decorations up but you know what bugs me the older I get? The shops. The advertising. Christmas is all consuming consumerism for a lot of people and I hate it. Yes, yes Mrs Gringe here but fear not, I have a plan! In order to fill my cold heart with joy once more I have decided to take part in the #Christmaslittlemakes linky with ThimbleandtwigLittlePicklesMom, and WhimsicalMumblings.

This week’s theme is light and you can find out more about the themes and how to take part here.

Now on to the making!

Aiden wasn’t actually in much of a crafty mood when I decided to do this so we have gone super simple. Here is what you will need if you would also like to make a little fairylight finger painting:

  • Cardboard or paper (a light colour works best)
  • A few colours of paint (I’d say 3/4)
  • A black sharpie / felt tip pen.
  • For an alternative to using fingers, a few wine bottle corks

1. Start by drawing out your fairylight cable. Depending on the age of your child, they might want to do this themselves. My two and a half year old was happy for me to do it (thank heavens!)

2. Have all your paints set up in easy to access tubs for little hands.

3. Start finger painting the lights on. I thought my boy would love placing his fingers on the black markers I had drawn on the fairylight cable and he did, for about 30 seconds before going rogue and stamping everywhere was more fun. In hindsight, I think little stamps such as corks, would have worked nicely here but hey, he had fun and that’s what counts right?

Also I got to make my own which was very therapeutic and would be an easy and effective design for Christmas cards or present labels.

I am linking up over the next four weeks with Jemma from Thimbleandtwig, Holly from LittlePicklesMom, and Sarah from WhimsicalMumblings. We would love to have you join us and link up any seasonal craft posts, new or old, for little or large ones, to help celebrate the magic of Winter. Find out more about this here



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8 thoughts on “Children’s Winter Fairy Light Craft #christmaslittlemakes”

    1. Thanks Laura. It really is very easy and no mess. Can’t guarantee the kids will put their fingers exactly in the right place to make a beautiful patern of lights (I had to make my own after otherwise I might have cried!😂)

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