I had such good intentions. So very good and so very creative intentions. I love sparkle, a frosting if you will, when it comes to this time of year. I had such very good intentions.

This morning I woke and Aiden was still asleep. It was 8am. Aiden woke with a cold. He woke tired and remained tired for most of the day. I in turn, after my glorious lie in, became tired too as it transpired both the kids have the cold (again) and the day was to be rather testing.

I have such great intentions of going off down to the woods with the kids to collect twigs and pine cones and other bits and bobs for the next few projects I have planned as part of #Christmaslittlemakes. But it was not to be. So instead I had to think about what I already had in the house and what would be quick (to fit in a little half hour burst when Faye was napping) and easy (sick Aiden could barely remember his own name today).

So if you are looking for a super easy bit of fun craft to do with a two and a half year old who is filled with the cold, then look no further.

You will need:

  • Glitter
  • Water (good old tap)
  • A jar with lid (any size will do, mine was a teeny tiny jam jar)
  • Optional add ons include a wee figure to put inside, glitter glue and/or food colouring. I had neither of these but know they make it much more impressive if you do

What you do:

Well firstly, as you’ll see from the photos, as well as our main craft, Aiden did a little side craft while he waited for me to get myself sorted. This bit was easy (and extremely messy!).

Take paper. Add prit stick all over. Pour glitter all over paper and floor and self and Mummy. Beautiful.

Back to the Glitter shaker:

Firstly I would normally have a nice photo of all the stuff you use, ready to go, but I was too slow apparently as Aiden grabbed what I had laid out abd got stuck in right away.

You should start by gluing your wee figure to the lid with their feet, so upsidedown. This neve happened with ours as I have no time to hunt out glue stronger than prit stick.

Then simply ad your chosen colour (or in out case, colours, of glitter into the jar. Add water. Close lid (can not stress that part enough!!) And then shake.

Aiden was absolutely fascinated with watching the little lego man dissappear and reappear in the glitter storm. He even turned it into a story and got his other lego piece to surround the jar and search for him. This was the perfect level of activity for him when sick in particular as it was newondering and engaging but a very easy craft to complete so came with no anxiety for him, which he does sometimes have. I hope you have found this useful and if you give it a go, we would loce to see your little glitter shakers in the comments.

Don’t forget to head over to the linky here for more fun sparkle crafts for little and large. Add your own and enjoy what others have made.

Right, now I’m off to cut a branch off a tree in the Garden so I don’t have to venture into the Woods! #christmaslittlemakes


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8 thoughts on “Children’s Sparkle Glitter Shaker #christmaslittlemakes”

  1. There look great, my youngest would really like to make one of these. However glitter makes me very nervous – I’m happy with most other craft stuff but as soon as my daughter mentions glitter I get a nervous twitch! #christmaslittlemakes

  2. This is such a fun activity for little ones! I love that you didn’t get the figure glued in… sometimes when crafting with our little ones it’s more important to make sure they are enjoying themselves than it is to search around for all our supplies, and how fun to watch him float around. Thanks for sharing! #christmaslittlemakes

  3. I love christmas activities for kiddies – we do loads at christmas – i think its important as it gives you time to spend with your children and for them to develop their creativity and imagination skills. I will be using this activity with my kids – what a great idea x

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