It is Tuesday morning and that means absolutely nothing to me as I am a Stay (and play) at home Mum, and neither of my children attend school or even nursery yet. Monday morning for me requires no more effort than Friday afternoon or Wednesday evening. Crucially though, as a parent,  it requires no less effort either. As owner and coordinator of tiny people, you have to bring your A game to Every.Single.Day and for me that means planning!*

Before I had children I made the typical and absolutely momentous (I mean so far off the scale I was using a completely different measuring system) incorrect assumption that SAHM’s have it easy. I was a C.E.O and I worked extremely hard, often staying late, working seven days a week and doing additional work from home. Some weeks I would rack up 100 hours. I was from a working class background and one tough working girl cookie (or so I thought). How could staying home with ‘nothing’ to do but cuddle a tiny squishy baby be anything but a breeze? I can pretty much hear your smirk through the screen right now. 100 hours a week sometimes has got nothing on the 168 hours I now do Every.Single.Week with no holidays, no sick days, and no pay (well except all that adorable love and stuff!)

Anyhow, I love it and I wouldn’t change the time I have with my kids for anything but this year, for my sanity, I need to take back control. I always had a planner, ever since college, right through university (twice), and always by my side at every job I have done since. My sister usually got me one each year at Christmas. It was a little tradition. Two years ago, however,  when my son was 6 months old, I told my sister  ‘don’t bother with the planner this year’ I said there is no point now I’m a SAHM. I have no control over anything and I don’t have anything important to write down anyway. Well knock me down with a feather, what do you know, I was wrong again.

I heard a few people talking about the Stick to Stigu planners and how they were sort of a jumble of things. You could use them to plan  your day, your week, even your year if you liked. You could also keep them as a sort of diary as there was plenty of room to reflect on the week. And finally, and the bit that really sold it for me, they were part mini motivational speaker. A tiny champion for You right there next to a note to remember to pick up more nappies. Well this I loved so knew I had to test it out for myself.

First impressions count and I was not disappointed. In fact I was encouraged to do more and be more positively in control of my life right from the get-go. There are more visually stunning planners out there I will say that, but Stick to Stigu I think is clean and crisp and has a strong feeling of energy from the outside.

It is the absolutely flawless layout and attention to practical details that you find inside however that are the elements that make this planner the best I have ever seen.

The planner starts with space to write your goals for the year, splitting them into Mind, Body, and Soul. I enjoyed focusing my plans for the year like this and I think having them there so easy to review frequently is really going to help ensure I achieve them.

The main bulk of the planner is then divided up into two pages for each week. One side has the week on a grid, allowing space for five notes on each day (you could of course write more than one thing in each grid space but heck if I complete five tasks in one day with two kids, that days is going down in the record books!) I love this layout as it makes everything seem so nice and small and manageable. Also if I don’t manage to clean the cooker on Monday like I wrote I would, I can just draw a lovely little doodle and move it to Wednesday afternoon. Simple, creative, and it doesn’t look as if my list is getting bigger and bigger.

On the opposite side from the grid is a nice clean white space to write anything you need to in more depth or that doesn’t belong to a set day for example. Again this has been very well thought through as things don’t always fit in lovely esthetic happy boxes. This page also always has a friendly stickman with some positive, and often much needed, advice. The planner is littered with great quotations and observations on human behaviours that I am really enjoying. Stickman tells me to sit and take five? I love that little dude.

A few addition bits worth mentioning that again add to my earlier assertion that this is the vest planner out there:

  • You can rip the corners off the pages you are finished with so as to be able to find your current page faster
  • There is a pocket on the back inside cover for all those random pieces of paper you need to keep ‘just incase’.
  •  There is a year view calendar bit over two pages that is perfect for birthdays
  • At the back of the planner there are a whole load of just plain pages so you’ll always have space for anything extra you want to write
  • My planner is spiral bound which I alwylays find much more practical for everyday use
  • You can also buy a special sticker pack to add to your planner and well who doesn’t want stickers to help you get through life!

Stick to Stigu stock a variety of planners and notepads all available from their website. My 2017 planner costs £16.90 and I think it is definitely worth the money. I use to love having a day calendar on my work desk with positive or funny quotations as well as a diary in my bag to keep me right. Well a calender like that would be roughly £10 – £15 and then the diary could be anything for £5 – £15 so I think Stick to Stigu is great value with the combined approach as a bonus.

I am extremely happy with the Stick to Stigu planner and am genuinely looking forward to all that planning and getting things done in a relaxed, positive, and creative way.

Stick to Stigu have kindly offered me another planner for one of my readers to also enjoy this planning calm. Simply enter the Rafflecopter competition below to be in with a chance of winning. Deadline to enter is Monday 23rd January. UK applicants only I’m afraid folks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I believe you should bring your A game every day as a parent but that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect (secret: that’s impossible) Your A game just means what is best for your kids AND you that day.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Stick to Stigu 2017 planner for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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92 thoughts on “Planning when you are a SAHM: Stick to Stigu 2017 Planner Review and Giveaway ”

  1. The Stickman and his quotes and observations sound brilliant! Hoping to be more organised this year–or at least, #thatstheplan!

  2. I am a dedicated list maker (haven’t found an app I like yet and love writing my lists by hand) and love the idea of being able to keep track of everything I have done and want to do throughout the year #thatstheplan

  3. #thatstheplan
    I am in desperate need of a planner. My son has just moved schools and we have activities with old school friends and new school friends, keeping track of them all is proving difficult. I write on scraps of paper which inevitably get lost or thrown away by my husband. It would be good to keep all our events written down in one place that’s a bit bigger than a post-it note 🙂 x

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