As a blogger we do on occasion get parcels through the door and Aiden is always excited to see what we are reviewing next. As we are extremely lucky to have an ongoing relationship with Laurence King Publishers, Aiden now recognises their big red K logo and actually squeals with delight that his “friend” Laurence King has sent him another book. Last week was no exception and Aiden helped me open the package whilst his sister napped. The contents was so exciting for him that other than the one photo in costume (which I was lucky to snap as he wanted to dress up immediately) the rest of the photos he is head down and nose in this amazing book.

The Superhero Handbook: 20 Super Activities to Help You Save the World by James Doyle & Jason Ford (£8.99)

I think probably all children (and most adults) at some point wish they could be a Superhero. Aiden is Marvel obsessed and loves reading about the goodies and the baddies so when I explained to him that this book teaches him how to train to be the ultimate goody, he was all in and taking it as serious as if he was studying for a PhD.

The book contains 112 pages and 120 illustrations to guide you through Superhero training. It is absolutely jam packed with ideas and games to play. You can select your superhero name (Aiden is Night Arrow), discover your superpower (by matching everyday character traits such as being shy or loving to climb high at the park to the superpower equivalent so for example stealth or flying), and design your own superhero costume and gadgets.

Aiden loved the language of the book and how “official” it is. I think he really truly believes he is in training. The two main superheros that follow you through the book really caught his imagination too and he wanted to know their names and stories. This book is predominantly about the reader though which was a new and interesting idea for Aiden. When he got temporarily tired of talking about himself as a Superhero he was very happy to discover the stickers at the back of the boo and merrily stuck them all over the book.

For me I loved this book on so many levels. I can see that it would be most suited to an older child who can already read. 8 year old me would have gone wild for this as it is so very detailed and covers absolutely everything you can think you would need to know about being a Superhero. That said, Aiden at 3 loved me reading every single bit of the book to him, over and over in fact. My personal favourite thing about the book has to be the experiments posted throughout. They take up a few pages each and are often very simple activities but they mix Science and Superpowers and I just know they will go down a storm with Aiden (as well as being educational so my favourite mix!)

Disclaimer: We were sent The Superhero Handbook from Laurence King publishers in exchange for a honest review. As always, all opinions are ours and truthful.

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