When I was in University I played a lot of poker and gin rummy as you do and thought that was where my love of card games came from, however on reflection I remember that my Grandparents always had a pack of cards on them and we spent many a Summer holiday playing snap before I was old enough to learn any other card games. I vividly remember how excited I was the time they gave me an actual official snap deck of cards, and a Paddington Bear set none the less. Imagine how fast I said yes then when Laurence King asked to send us their newly released Superhero Snap cards. (£7.99)

As soon as the kids saw the bright red pack illustrated by Jason Ford with funky, bold superheros leaping across the front, they were excited and intrigued. Obviously before I even endeavoured to explain the rules of snap to my boy, both kid’s had to have a good nosey at all the pictures. The cards are made of great quality card which is ideal for little inquisitive hands and means even with wee Faye about none got ripped.

Once I explained to Aiden how snap works and divided up the pack in half plus a few spares for Faye (the things we do!) Aiden was deserted to get going. It was a slow start as he kept trying to see his card before he put it down  (no flies on that one!) but a great lesson in cheating was learnt and eventually he got a fair “snap” and was so chuffed to win a huge pile of cards. Simple card games are so much more than they might appear and I think that is especially the case when playing with children.  Their personalities shine through and it is wonderful to quite literally see their brains problem solve in front of your eyes. Aiden became quite cheeky after his win but it was just nice to see he was proud of learning something new.

The card designs are excellent and my favourite feature is that there are plenty of female superheros and different skin colours represented. Aiden questioned who these superheros were and did ask if a girl could be ine but once I said yes of course he simply accepted it and wanted to know about her cool powers. Rather beautifully he didn’t even bat an eye at the non white superheros and I love the positive reinforcement that the cards will have in a great understated and play led way.

Disclosure: Laurence King publishers sent us these cards in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are truthful and our own. 

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