As I am sure you all know by know, Aiden my 3.5 year old is a huge, huge fan of books. We were reading to him even before he was born and it is now his go to favourite activity, especially for comfort. So when Faye was born I just assumed she too would love books. After all her Mum has two Literature degrees, her Granddad is a book dealer, and our house is like a library. Imagine my surprise (and I admit it, my disappointment) when she showed no interest in them at all and much preferred to always be running about with no time to sit on my lap and enjoy a book.

Until recently I just assumed that this was a personality trait (my own sister after all didn’t like books growing up and it always baffled bookworm me) however I persisted in trying to get Faye involved with reading. I filled her new room with books and always invited her to sit with us when I read to Aiden, and then finally a few weeks ago I realised what was going on. I had gotten rid of a lot of Aiden’s baby books early on because he had advanced so quickly which meant the ones that had been passed to Faye were actually for much older children not to mention Aiden showed them no interest at all anymore. If you have siblings you will know that the youngest often wants to mimic the eldest and that is exactly what was happening here, Aiden showed no interest in his old baby books so neither did Faye. On top of that all Faye hadn’t experienced the joy of being given a book just for herself, they were all Aiden’s. handemmedowns. What absolute luck and perfect timing then that Miffy got in touch to see if we would like to review some of their lovely range of books.

I made sure that I opened the box whilst Aiden was at nursery and told Faye they were her books (except the sticker book which I kept aside for Aiden so my life was worth living in the afternoon!) She was absolutely delighted with them from the get go. The illustrations are so fantastically bold and colourful that they really capture and hold her imagination. She spent a wonderful 45 minutes reading them all on the sofa with her Daddy and now keeps them in her room and helps herself to them frequently. She can now quite happily sit with a book on her own and leaf through the pages, as happy as can be. So here are just a few of the extensive range of books available featuring the wonderful Miffy and how we enjoyed each one.

Miffy and the new baby (£5) & Miffy at the seaside (£5)

Both these books are the most traditional book types in this collection in that they feature hardcover, proper book pages, and a plot that tells a simple story over about twenty pages and that is it. This is of course not all there is to these books. The striking Miffy illustrations on each page grab the child’s attention and then the simple rhythm of the story is what actually enticed Faye to listen. The subject matter is highly relatable which was great when Aiden wanted to listen in too.

Miffy Word Book (£6)

Both Faye AND Aiden really enjoyed this book. Faye liked the unusual shape and then pointing to each image until I told her what it was. Aiden on the other hand mostly enjoyed telling me what the words said because he knew the word for each item shown in the pictures so thought he could magically read! Board books I have always found ideal with small children as it really is tricky to damage them. The words are also words that will get used in children’s lives so wonderfully relevant to them which I find allows their confidence to grow as they recognise and repeat.

Miffy the Artist: Lift the flap book (£8.99)

Now this is a fun book. I particularly like tactile books for Faye so was sure she would love this lift the flap book and she does, only there is a small problem in that she is too little to be able to do the flaps herself. Aiden can do them however so as Faye was happy enough watching Aiden open and close them we are on to a winner. Again the narrative is simple but I think this is part of what Faye is enjoying most with these Miffy books. They are great for their pureness which I think allows the child to really enjoy what they are experiencing, especially when they are very young and have a lot if information coming at them.

Miffy Outdoors Sticker Scene Book (£5)

I saved the sticker book to be just for Aiden and I must say it is perfect for a three year old.  The stickers are wonderfully large which makes them much easier to peel with their little hands. The scenes that you add the stickers too have a few lines of dimple text to set the scene which Aiden enjoyed as he likes direction  on projects. All of your favourite character’s feature in the book and Aiden really had a lovely time using his imagination and the other Miffy books to decide where the stickers should all go.

The Miffy books are classics you probably remember from your childhood but I can guarantee if you take a look at all the ones in their current range you are sure to find something that your child will also love and remember when they grow up.

Disclaimer : We were sent these books in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always our options are ours and truthful. 

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