Here in the UK we toilet/potty train much later on than a lot of the world (and on the flipside earlier than some other countries too) with the NHS stating the average age for girls to be dry during the daytime is 29 months and boys 31 months. Other countries such as Finland and many in Asia start the whole process much earlier with most children being out of nappies before their first birthday. In fact 50% of the world’s babies are toilet trained before they can walk. I read about this all in the first few months after having my first child, when I was spending hours and hour breastfeeding at silly o.clock. Well it might have been the lack of sleep or the fact that nappies were bankrupting us because I couldn’t stand the thought of Aiden ever having a wet one on so changed him every half hour, but I decided to give early toilet training a go. I put Aiden on the toilet (not potty) from four months old and he was dry in the day by fourteen months. When I had Faye then I tried the same, putting her also on the toilet at four months. However as she is the second child, things often got in the way (nursery runs etc) and I confess I haven’t given it as much focused time as I would have liked. I have therefore this month decided to try and crack it completely with the additional help of some toilet training books from Books & Pieces.

One of the reasons I think early toilet training was so successful with Aiden was because we would spend actual hours sat on the toilet reading together. Seriously, every single day, we even kept a pile of kid’s books in the bathroom too. So although it might sound odd and a tad extreme, I can certainly attest to books being an excellent toilet training aid. They are a great distraction when little ones just want to run off and play, and toilet training themed books are additionally handy at explaining what us adults are trying to teach the kids to do.

DC’s Super Friends Potty Power book follows the story of a little boy called Sam as he learns how to use the potty (although rather handy for us, the pictures actually depict a toilet which is great as not very common in toilet training books for kids at all) with the help of a host of Superheros/ Each Superhero covers a specific part of the task so Aqua-man explains the importance of washing your hands after, and my favourite, The Flash covers rushing to get to the toilet in time. It really is very neatly thought out and the colours and elements of action really make it a very exciting and appealing book for kids. Faye was completely enthralled by it as soon as she saw the Superheros.

My absolute favourite thing about this book is the fact that it gets big brother Aiden involved in helping to toilet train his little sister. Faye absolutely dotes on Aiden, so if he shows interest in something, it is guaranteed to be a hit with Faye. Before the books arrived, Aiden had been encouraging Faye by clapping and saying well done when she did use the toilet but he wasn’t very interested it sitting with us in there whilst we attempted to guess when she needed to pee. Once I explained to him this book was his to teach Faye how to be a big kid like him and the Superheros, he was all in! Aiden is in charge of giving Faye a sticker when she uses the toilet and she seems all the more excited that Aiden gives her it rather than me. The pages are shiny so the stickers can be reused on the weekly day planner at the back of the book / when Faye decided she wants to give herself ALL the stickers for a job well done. I can imagine this book would be particularly useful to older children who are toilet training and it certainly works well with an older sibling.

The other toilet training book that we were sent was called Potty Star and is definitely aimed at the younger reader. Initially, both my children weren’t interested in taking a look because they were completely distracted by those bright Superheros. However, after a few days Faye really took a shine to Potty Star and has started fetching the book herself after she uses the toilet to go and show me how happy the girls are in the book.

The book is a board book so ideal for early toilet training with younger children. ┬áIt also comes with a sheet of well done star stickers but they are one use only so better for putting on the child’s top. The illustrations are very sweet and I liked that they featured a variety of types of girls so different hair colours and ethnicities were covered which is nice for the reader to identify with and also see. Faye’s favourite part is all the girls dancing in happy celebration at the end and I think it has helped her associate going the toilet with being happy and proud which is lovely to see.

So why not give books ago. It certainly is helping us and Faye is now in knickers a good 90% of the time.

Disclosure: We were sent these books in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always, all thoughts are our own and truthful.

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