We have always been an “outdoorsy” family but sometimes, especially when the weather isn’t too great, you can lack inspiration to get out and explore nature with the kids. Laurence King have come up with the ideal prompt thought in the form of these wonderful Hello Nature Activity Cards (£12.95)

The cards come in a seriously beautifully illustrated card box hat mean they would also make an ideal gift for any budding young nature fan. Aiden wanted to get into them straight away particularly as they are bigger than normal playing cards so feel that bit extra special in small people’s hands. The card is a great thick quality which means they aren’t going to get damaged by keen children and I think it is so important that items like this are able to be examined and used by the kids themselves and not kept at a distance.

Once Aiden had seen the first card he wanted to lay them all out and take a good look through all the many different subjects they cover from tree identification through ispy and animal information sheets. Each card is absolutely jam-packed with information on a certain aspect of nature. They are divided into categories such as the beach and forests which allows the adults to select certain cards for certain outdoor plans which I think is going to be very handy in the future.

I particularly love the style of illustration which is like a botanists sketch book in it’s simple yet detailed approach. Aiden was also intrigued by it and I think that was because it is laid-out for children to be able to understand and digest but is not childish if that makes sense? He took it all in as he does when he looks through text books but being in card form we are able to pick a card and really focus on that particular subject in detail. I love that these cards will fit easily into our rucksack and be a great way to add a bit of nature knowledge to any outdoor adventure we go on.

Disclaimer: We received these cards in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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