A fortnight ago I started a Lego club for the kids (and their grown-ups!) and it was a huge hit. The reason I think Lego is still as popular as ever is because in is so versatile and multifaceted. It has grown into this mega brand but it still a quality product that sparks imagination in such a variety of ways. One of the things I love about Lego’s popularity is that you can now see Lego films and read Lego Books which simply didn’t exist when I was a kid. Aiden loves Lego so much that by extension he loves anything to do with Lego and I think many other children are exactly the same. I was absolutely thrilled then when DK Publishers very kindly donated this huge bundle of Lego books to the club for all the children to get stuck into.

If you don’t already know, it is DK Publishers who make all the official Lego Books from Lego character guides through to sticker books. We already had a lot in our own personal collection but as if to illustrate just how many Lego Books there are, we actually had none of the ones that DK sent the club so Aiden took the chance to check them all out before the club meeting. Here is a sneak peek inside these seriously fun and fascinating books!

I am a bit of a sucker for a nice presentation box as I think books make the best gifts so this set does not disappoint. I particularly like that the three booms cover so much that there is sure to be something in there that any child would become engrossed in. The stickers are always going to be a hit but my personal favourite (and many if the kids at Lego club actually) was the Memorable Minifigures book as there are so many interesting ones to collect.

Until Aiden started getting into Lego I had no idea what Nexo Knights or Ninjago was but now I notice it everywhere. I loved knights as a Kid and the added Sci-fi element makes them extremely appealing to kids. The books have stories from the movies and TV series which us great for promoting reading. Even for younger children like Aiden certain words are highlighted so he is starting to recognise the look of them and feel like he is actually reading bits of the book which is great for confidence.

One for the older kids (or indeed the adults as I found many a Mum and Dad at the club leaving through this one) this Lego architecture book is so very beautiful. It would make a great coffee table book because as well as featuring some visually spectacular Lego builds, it also contains lots of fun facts about the actual buildings too.

Now Aiden has never seen the actual Star Wars being that he is there years old, but he can name most if the characters thanks to the many many Lego Star Wars books available. He is fascinated by the detail on the ships and the battle descriptions and I am glad he has a way to relate to the toys he loves so much without having to watch a film that would not be age appropriate. Many of the girls and boys at the club also instantly recognised the Star Wars books and their parents told me they too hadn’t seen the films but loved the Lego sets so enjoyed the books very much.

This Build Your Own Adventure is another if mine and Aiden’s personal favourites. It is jam packed with loads of ideas to get you building plus Lego terms that I didn’t know but have been so fun to learn and share with the kid’s at the club. It is like having our own secret language. Which kid wouldn’t enjoy that! It also for me takes Lego back to its purest form by building from your imagination and adding to kit designs and has been a huge hit with members of the Lego Club.

When you’re a kid everything is often black or white and play time is all about the goodies and baddies so it is no wonder then that children love these Lego superhero and villain books. For older kids they contain really interesting facts about the evolution of certain figures and show how the designs have changed which is really interesting to see. For younger kid’s they a bright and bold and full of adventure. Just like Lego itself!

Both my kids and the others at the Lego Club loved the books DK Publishers sent over and are sure you would too. There is such a variety available there is sure to be something to suit all interests.

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