My kids love reading. Particularly Aiden who could sit and read anywhere and frequently does. Not once or twice, but many many times have I gone searching for him in soft play only to find him sat buried in a book whilst all the other kids run around him. The kid’s rooms are filled to the brim with books but whilst they are unwilling to part with any, they also don’t get to fully enjoy their collection because of how they are all packed in. I decided then that there was only one solution; the kids needed a library. A library of their very own at home. And that is what they got!

There is a space between the two kid’s bedrooms that was just unused empty space. I decided that this would be the ideal location for their mini library as it is in no-man’s land between the two so avoids arguments as to whose it is and who gets to play there.

First I looked online for the perfect shelves. As there isn’t a huge amount of space and we still need access to that little door, I knew I was looking for very narrow shelves. The more I researched bookselves on Pinterest the more I realised that the narrow ones would also be ideal for children’s books as they allow the kids to see the covers rather than the spines which is a lot easier for a toddler and pre-schooler who don’t read yet. I had heard of an Ikea shelf hack with their spice racks but a quick Google search found me these amazing shelves from Argos and thus saved me much swearing and a trip to Ikea. They come in packs of two at £14 for the pair. They were easy to put up and extremely effective when they were up so I was very happy with the outcome.

Next I added a Dr Seuss quotation in the form of a wall sticker from Amazon.  I normally wouldn’t chance a cheap wall sticker as I know they simply don’t work, however I had ordered another Dr. Seuss one from this company in China when we did Aiden’s nursery four years ago.whikst they took a few weeks to get here and are a bit of a pain and fiddly to put up, they do look wonderful and stay stuck on. You really can’t grumble at £1.38 including postage now can you?

I did push the boat out on the larger multicoloured alphabet letters and went with a more expense but much higher quality brand, Roommates, who are on Amazon and are always very good. The letters pull the whole thing together and really define this space. The kids love how colourful it looks and I loved that I found out them all up while they happens no mess with wallpaper or paint.

I had intended on hand painting a fake bookshelf on to the little wooden door but time got the  better of me so when I spotted these book design wall stickers, I knew they would be the best solution. They peel on and off really easily so if I do get a sudden desire to make that bespoke painting then I can change them over.

Finally I wanted the space to also be comfortable enough for the kids to sit and read in. I added a bright and colourful shag rug (is that still what they are called?) I wanted it to be appealing to the children and this particular rug really jumped out as comfortable, cheery and the perfect fit for the space. It also always reminds me of open books although that might just be me! Best of all? It can be washed in a normal washing machine. Music to me ears as the kids have taken to wanting their snack in the library.

So what do you think? The kid’s absolutely love their library. I circulate and change over the books every few days so they are getting through so so many more books than they did prior to me building this space and I haven’t even had to buy any new books. Where do your kid’s like to read? Perhaps they need their own mini library…

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Reading Room or Book Nook for the Kids Room”

  1. This is so lovely, what a fab idea!! One day (when I don’t live in a Borrower-sized house) I’ll know I’ll have made it as an adult if I can make the kids a book nook!

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