Whenever we visit my parents house there is always one toy that the children return to time and time again, a huge toy farm set. They can play with it for hours on end and it has so many pieces that for the most part they can share them all nicely. I was toying with getting a similar set for our own house but the space it takes up was holding me back (we have so so many toys). Luckily for us, Laurence King publishers have the perfect solution though in their newly released Make Your Own Farm.

The box the farm comes in is simply beautiful. It has a wonderful retro Scandi feel to it that I just love and the kid’s were drawn to straight away. When you open it up all the figures are on press-out card pieces and what I found particularly nice about this set compared to other press-out sets we have had in the past, was that the card is so thick and high quality that the kid’s could do the pressing out themselves with no fear of ripping the characters. Aiden in particular loved this part of setting it up and even managed to put some of the stand parts on himself. He is only three and a half so this would be absolutely fine for slightly older children to do entirely on their own. Even Faye, who is just 19 months could do the push out part herself with no bother. It might seem like a small thing but I often find my kids get a lot of enjoyment out of being part of the whole process of setting up a game like this rather than just watching the adults do it.

There is an absolutely huge variety of farm animals, buildings, characters and vehicles, enough so several children can play and no-one is going to be fighting over a piece. You build the farm on the inside of the box that folds out flat to reveal a pound and field setting (being a bit picky but I would have liked a separate piece of paper illustrating the farm layout as it is on the back of the box so tricky to memorise or view when building. Top tip: take a photo on your phone!) Both my two spent a great deal of time playing with all the pieces and acting out different scenarios. Unlike other farm sets or press-out sets, this one features lots of the same animals in different shapes and size which was a hit with my youngest who loves repetition. I would show her a pig for example walking to the pen and she would then copy the action with all the other pigs oinking.

The quality of this set is like all other Laurence King products, extremely high! The design is unique and therefore interesting to the children. The materials used feel very robust so I know it is going to last us a long time and be excellent value for money. Presentation is always stunning so it would also make a great gift for a large age range I would say. The box is not huge but the contents is overflowing which I was surprised and pleased by although I will say the one thing that lets it down is that in order to use the box as storage when you pack the farm away you do need to take the stands off the figures. A slightly bigger box and this would be the most perfect farm set. The children however don’t worry one jot about storage so to them it still is their favourite farm set and we have already spent many hours with these lovely figures.

Disclosure: We were sent this Build Your Own Farm set from Laurence King in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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