Excuse the bad title pun, my one year old hasn’t slept in oh, seven months and my three year old is well a three year old. Last week we all had colds, which just perfectly accentuated the whole no sleep situation. I was a living zombie during the days and in true Scottish Summer tradition,  it was pissing it down most days. When times are rough I always always ALWAYS resort to the same safety strategy. In times of trouble I always turn to books. The last true refuge for any tired parent who still wants to spend time with their kids and not always (yes sometimes we too do it!) stick them in front of the telly, is reading a book, or ten with your child.

Aiden has always loved reading, I have some super cute footage of him just a few months old being read to in which he cries every time the book comes to an end and stops as soon as we start up again. Aiden had the luxury of being the first born and of us being able to spend literally hours each day reading to him. Faye, as the second child, has a tricky time because she sees me reading to Aiden, wants to come join in and comes at us full tilt which inevitably results in damaged books and feelings. So this got me thinking. Which type of book is best for babies?

There are your paperback pictures books, board books, fabric books, flap books, sound books, books with hand-puppets, and even books that claim to be indestructible. Since I have gone back to actual baby books, I have found Faye is a lot more interested and engaged with reading which is so rewarding to witness. If you are looking for a book or three to encourage reading in your little one, then look no further the the 0 – 3 year old’s section of the fantastic Books and Pieces. With 3 for £10 offers on a huge range of high quality books, not only can you pick up classics and discover something new, but you can do it without breaking the bank. Here are our thoughts on just two of the books in that collection.

Find and Flip Farmers  (£4 or part of the 3 for £10)

Flip the flap to discover who’s making all the noise down on the farm in this look-and-find book for inquisitive toddlers.

Each spread is packed with detail about life on the farm and there’s lots of things for little ones to find beneath the big sturdy flaps. With wonderful, bright illustrations and funny, rhyming text, there’s heaps to explore and a mouse to spot throughout too!

Faye really took to this book straight away. She is just beginning to make animal sounds like baabaa so it is absolutely ideal. She squealed in delight at the bright illustrations and really found it very amusing when Aiden matched up the items the book asks you to spot. The flaps are a good large size so easy for little hands to find and open. The only issue with them being bigger, they are also thinner so more prone to getting ripped or crumpled by those same little hands. As this is a board book though it is pretty sturdy and I can leave Faye alone with it. I am sure eventually a flap might get torn but for now it is holding up well to Faye leafing through it on her own and with her big brother and me which is good enough for me.

Indestructibles: Mary had a little lamb (£4 or part of the 3 for  £10 deal)

The fantastic range of Indestructibles books are perfect for babies – they’re chew-proof AND rip-proof, and can even be cleaned in the washing machine. Because they’re literally indestructible, they’re brilliant (and safe!) to use when you’re out and about and they’re so light which makes them easy to pop in your change bag.

Faye is a very tactile child and has been known on occasion to absolutely destroy the likes of the post if we don’t get to it quick enough. Luckily she has not yet released her full power on a book but when I heard of the Indestructibles range I suspected they had been designed with Faye in mind. Presenting her with the book last week I saw that wee twinkle in her eye that said “aye go on then, let’s give this a go!” and she certainly did try.

So far Faye has tried and failed to rip, chew and generally demolish this book, and it has held up amazingly well. Even her Daddy who didn’t believe it had a little go at ripping and it passed the test. So it certainly does what it says on the tin. My issue with these books is not false advertising but rather I worry about what it teaches the child. You see before this book I had managed to persuade Faye, just in the nick of time on several occasions, that books are not for eating or destroying. This one, in my opinion, teaches the opposite. Bizarrely enough Faye really really likes to try and destroy this book. So much so she shows no interest in the frankly charming illustrations. She is nowhere near this destructive with other books although I do mainly only leave her with board books. So if you want a book that really can’t be ripped by your child then look no further but unfortunately for us it is the fact that this book invites the possibility of destroying it, that means we will be selecting other types of books from the Books and Pieces 3 for £10 offer next time. Luckily they have a huge choice so we have plenty of options that Faye will love.

As a member of the Parent Panel of Books and Pieces I can offer you a further 10% off when you quote ONEOFEACH10 at the checkout so what is stopping you? Christmas is just round the corner and I GUARANTEE you will find something for every child in your family in their huge online range.

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One thought on “Breaking Board: Books for Babies”

  1. Great reviews! It is interesting what you say about the indestructible books as I had the exact same thought.

    However I then decided that just because it is indestructible I don’t have to encourage or let Eloise get away with chewing it or ripping it or sucking it, which is her current favourite thing to do! Whenever she does those things to it I tell her that we mustn’t chew books or rip them (not that she is old enough to understand what I am saying!) What it does mean though is that when I turn my back for a second and she has put it in her mouth the book hasn’t been ruined.

    So for me the indestructibles are great as books that won’t get ruined by babies and toddlers and I’m just going to keep it a secret from the girls that they are indestructible!

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