If you have come here for photos of cuddly animals I’m afraid you are in the wrong place.  I hate zoos. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been to the zoo and most of those were for the likes of school trips when I didn’t know better. Even when I was younger though I didn’t like going the zoo. I got a strange uncomfortable feeling and felt like those beautiful caged animals were either really sad or really very angry and dangerous.
I am a vegetarian and have been all my life but I’m not what you would call an animal lover. I don’t have pets and as a kid we had gold fish and that was it. You see my Dad always told me animals are not domestic. It is humans who have trained them to be like them for selfish reasons. Now I’m not getting up on any high horse to say human kind shouldn’t have dogs as pets or anything like that. We have gone past that stage. However I do feel strongly that we don’t need places where wild animals who really should not be in domestic situations, and in fact require a cage to keep both parties safe, should be bred and kept in captivity just for human entertainment. Do we not have enough things already to entertain us?
Now some might argue that zoos are educational. Well I call BS on that as there are plenty of actually more productive and informative ways to learn about wild animals. Here are a few ways myself and the kid’s like to study these beautiful creatures:
  • Read books about them. Fiction or non-fiction you can learn an awful lot. We love going the library and picking a new subject to read up on.
  • As well as some absolutely jaw dropping animal documentaries out there (Attenborough anyone?!) there are plenty of kids shows nowadays that feature real footage of animals in their natural habitats.
  • If you have older kids the internet of course can answer so many questions and show so many photos and films made without interfering with the animals well being
  • If you really really still want to take your kids to see animals up close why not ensure it is an animal sanctuary were animals have been rescued and are being nursed back to health to be released back into the wild or are looked after because they absolutely would not survive but are not being bred.

Zoos are a wonderful marketing success but please just take a moment to think about what they teach our kids about how we treat animals and consider not going.

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