Ok I am afraid I am going to struggle a lot with the very last prompt of #blogtober17 because I don’t follow anyone on Youtube and I don’t have a Youtube channel for my blog either. I really find myself rather annoying to listen to so can think of nothing worse that videoing myself to share with the rest of the world. I also, if truth be told, tend to find blogger videos pretty dull / borderline painful to listen to as to me they often come across pretty false and unnatural. Now I assume there must be some out there that are in fact interesting so I would love to hear your suggestions so I can check them out. I have absolutely no interest in watching someone showing me a big pile of crap they bought at Primark though so probably best to avoid anyone who uses the word ‘haul’ in their videos.
What I have found Youtube is amazing for (other that building kids toys when the instructions make no sense. Life saver at Christmas!) is finding old videos of TV shows I watched as a kid. no no not for me, but for my kids because oh my days some of the crud they show nowadays is just so so painful to listen to. I would much rather Aiden watched an episode of The Family Ness or Trap Door than that annoying pig and they only way I could track down my wonderful childhood viewings was on Youtube. Aiden loves it for this and often says let’s watch something good on Youtube! What can I say, the boy has taste.
This is the last post in the #blogtober17 challenge and I am pretty chuffed (and shocked) to be able to say I did it again! Year two and I got a post out every single day that matched the prompts. It was stressful to be fair but I have enjoyed writing really fast and not worrying too much about all the things I often worry about when writing a blog post. Next year though I think I am gong to set myself my own challenge of actually planning the posts I write and making them a bit more formed rather than the ramblings of a sleep deprived mad woman. For now though I am going to go relax / ry to catch up on all the other blog work and reviews that have fallen by the wayside this month.
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One thought on “Youtube and farewell #blogtober17”

  1. Well Done on completing #Blogtober17! (you have actually completed it before me!) I totally agree with the shopping haul videos, and although we have a youtube channel, its mainly the kids rambling as I too hate being videoed! (The bonus of having seven children is they can do the videos without me!!) My children watch youtube lots, the two younger ones get fobbed off watching their favourite ps4 games if their big brother wants to have a go on the actual ps4!!
    See you next year for Blogtober, I shall have to think up a whole new batch of prompts, maybe i’ll let you have them in SEptember so you can get them all prepared xxx
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