I did a Google search for superpowers to get some inspiration. I have discovered there is a pretty serious etiquette law you must follow when selecting a superpower. (Good to know as I wouldn’t want to miss my chance, and I do get this superpower at the end right?) Basically, you can only select ONE superpower. You can not even THINK about being sneaky and trying to get a whole load of superpowers for the price of one. No saying ‘I want to have all of Superman’s powers’ or anything. Sneaky sneaky.

So after giving this more time than I care to admit, I think I have settled on just one superpower. I would like to be able to slow time down please. You know like they do in the movies, where I can still run around like a crazy person and everyone else is either frozen or going really slow. That would be extremely useful.

I could get all the housework done and maybe even manage to prepare something that takes longer than 20mins to cook and even follows a recipe. I could do a task in one go rather than in stages over the day with either baby in arm or toddler in hand. I could read a book again. I could proof read my writing. My tea wouldn’t get cold.

And if I had the power to slow time down, I could savour every moment of my childrens’ childhoods just that bit longer.

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