Ah the weather. The boring boring weather us Britain do so love to go on about. I always wondered as a kid why we talked so much about the weather when we have pretty samey and mild weather here in the UK. As I have grown-up I have not discovered the answer to that question but I have found I too talk about the weather more than teenage me would be impressed with. So in a bit to placate teenage me I thought I’d hunt the internet for interesting facts about weather instead of my current go to “it’s raining again!”
The windiest place on Earth is Port Martin, in Antarctica. Here winds average more than 40mph on at least 100 days every year. The place with the least wind is also in Antarctica, at a site called Dome A. Here the wind hardly blows at all. This shows how Antarctica is a place of extremes.
More than 30 tornadoes are reported every year in the UK — although they rarely cause serious damage.

If 10cm of snow melts in a glass it would produce only about 1cm of water.

Rain contains vitamin B12

The speed of a typical raindrop is 17 miles per hour

Winter of 1932 in U.S. was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid

You can use pinecones to forecast the weather: the scales on the pinecones will close when rain is on the way


Now I don’t know about you but actually I found those bits of information quite interesting. I think I might lead with these the next time I find myself getting drawn into another dull “oh it looks like more rain again” conversation. Although if it keeps raining like it is here for any longer we might be breaking some sort of record and that could be quite the conversation point.

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