Have kids always played goodies and baddies do you think? I certainly did as a kid and I remember my Dad telling me how much he loved playing Cowboys and Indians growing up. Aiden at 3 is absolutely obsessed with goodies and baddies. He loves cops and robbers and all the Marvel superheros and villains that he has access to via wonderful Lego. He once saw a little bit of the ‘real’ superhero shows but told us he thought he best leave it till he was a bit older. He is a very sensible young man!
When Aiden plays villains and superheros or goodies and baddies he absolutely always has to play the goodies. Not once has he ever played the baddies. I sort of figured all kids must want to play the good guys because well it is so wonderfully black and white to a kid and the goodies always win right? Well we were recently at a soft play and Aiden was making a fort out of big soft cubes to be his good guys den. This kid came over and totally wrecked it. I could see the tears coming on so I told Aiden that perhaps the boy was playing the bad guys in the scenario. I said it loud enough so the wee erm child could hear me explaining how he must be a bad guy to do that. Well Aiden was chuffed to have a real villain to fight but I was shocked to discover the wee terror actually wanted to play the part of the villain and he full on went the fight Aiden. I had to get out the old stern Mum voice and tell both kids off for fighting as the boy had tried to punch Aiden but he had tried to kick him back (they were both shockingly bad at fighting thankfully) The boy ran away but when he returned he surprised me as he had brought two toy figures over so Aiden could play with him. Weirdly he explained which was a goodie and which was a baddie and how he would play the baddie one. So my question to you is; do your kid’s ever play the baddie roles?
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  1. Toby is four and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play the bad guy either, I guess at that age they just want to be good all the time 🙂 #Blogtober

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