I wrote yesterday about Facebook and how I had not thought I would really “get into it” originally only to discover that I spend a fair amount of time (maybe too much?) on it now. Well when I first heard about Twitter I actually refused to entertain it at all. I was absolutely baffled by the idea of a capping of how much you could write. You see I was a Literature student, am a bookworm and a chatterbox to the highest degree. Myself and my sister actually talk over each other but are listening to each other when we do, it is just the only way we can both fit all our words in. I speak fast and I write lots. I prattle. So Twitter was my idea of hell. Plus oh the poor grammatical choices it forces people to make. Nope it was not for me. I completely ignored, avoided and ridiculed it for many years until I started this blog last year and well everyone is on Twitter.
So I set up a Twitter account as a means of sharing my blog content (erm I often forget to do that actually) but actually what I love Twitter for is a bit sad. It is an excellent way of complaining. Not just moaning, that is rather tiresome but if you are unhappy with customer service it is actually the quickest and most effective way to get the companies attention and seek a resolution. I was actually advised by the station master of a large train station recently that there was little to no point filling in a complaint form but if I tweeted Northern Rail and used “colourful” language then I would get a response in seconds. He was not wrong. I don’t suppose it speaks well of how the world is going and customer service is changing but it certainly is a pretty easy way of complaining. Definitely much better than being placed on hold for hours on end.
Now obviously I don’t just go on Twitter to complain (although my family has suggested I do enjoy complaining a bit too much;- I just have certain expectations and I get infuriated when people are incompetent or rude) and I have actually over time found it is quite a nice social media to dip in and out of although gosh isn’t there some absolute crud on there too. Here is my Twitter account in case you want to watch my complaints play out or see me attempt to condense the many many words I wish to use in to a stupidly small allowance (it can be pretty entertaining).
I am always looking for new things to read so I asked fellow blogger, Rachel from Prose and Progeny (Twitter @ProseandProgeny) to suggested someone great to follow on Twitter and she gave me the wonderful Rosey @PNDandMe because of all the great work she does and all the support she gives regarding perinatal mental health. She says it helped her through some really dark times and just popping over to her feed briefly I can see she really is an inspirational and supportive presence. I certainly am going to look forward to reading more of her tweets. Do you have any more suggestions for me of people I simply must follow on Twitter?
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