As my two are not yet teenagers (unless you count a threeanger which sometimes Aiden is but normally he is an absolute sweetheart) I thought I would talk about my own memories of being a teenager. Specifically the really weird trends that seem to do the rounds with all teenagers and that all adults roll their eyes at and forget that when they were young there was something equally as weird that they were obsessed with. As a teenager of the 90’s here were mine.
To this very day I love flared jeans best. I don’t currently own any as the trend doesn’t seen to be in vogue at the moment but I am absolutely sure it will return because they are wonderful. I was obsessed with the 60’s growing up so when flares became the in thing I really ran with it. I spent the whole of my Summer holidays in Germany and Holland dragging my little sister round the shops looking for the widest pair of flares I could find. My Opa (German Grandad) had given us holiday money and wanted to see what I had spent it on. He was tickled pink that I was buying the same fashion his girls (my Mum and Aunty) had been obsessed with at my age and he laughed so hard when it rained and I had soggy jeans! I also got a pair of flares with tie dye lightening up the side. Strangely enough my friends did not follow suit…
Plastic Dummies
This has to be one of the weirdest crazes of my youth and one that I have discovered was regional and pretty much just found in Liverpool. Simply put, we wore solid plastic toy dummies as necklaces. Some people sucker them (weird!) but most of us just wore them and bought different colours or even glitter ones. It was a short lived craze.
Jelly Shoes
I have it on good authority that actually these made a bit of a come back in recent years so clearly they had something. That or the current generation are as clueless as we were. I had a knockoff pair from a dealer at the car boots that we would go to at the weekends. They didn’t have a heel but they were glittery so I was spared a shunning.
Jelly Bracelets
It would appear that there was a bit of “jelly” obsession in the 90’s, perhaps someone ordered too much silicone and needed a quick way to shift it as it was everywhere! I had loads of these in so many colours but was very particular about which ones I wore together. Do you remember how you could thread two together to make a whole new bracelet too. Ah to have all the time in the world to decide how to wear cheap plastic each day!
Lots of hairclips!
I have curly hair. Thick curly hair. Not curly hair that just looks good when you wake up. Curly hair that can take hours to look nice and even then it really is only by fluke when it does. So as a teenager who wanted to sleep in most morning but had to get to school I decided that my best option (do not ask how I arrived at this decision as I do not know) was to wear my hair in plaits with approximately 1 million little plastic butterfly clips in it. I thought I was Gwen Stefani…
Did you do any of these crazes or any you would add to the list? What is cool with teenagers now I wonder? And what will be when my kids are that old. Oh how I shall laugh!
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