It’s my anniversary. My blog anniversary that is. Just over a month ago I decided to give ‘the blogging thing’ a go. A few days after I started blogging I stumbled upon #blogtober16 and in a fit of insanity (read midnight nursing), I signed myself up.
A blog entry every day for 31 days, with a toddler and newborn, a husband-man who works away for long periods, and having never heard of DA and #FF let alone Linkys ever before? Where oh where do I sign? But sign I did and for those of you who know me, in saying I would complete it I had pitted myself against myself, and well I am rather competitive.

So what have I learnt from the experience ? Well firstly, thank heavens for that one middle of the night / early morning nursing session otherwise non of those 31 posts would have been written. I am not cut out for a post a day blogging for a prolonged period (a month has maxed me out well and truly) but I did enjoy it. I think being totally new to this blogging world, I was so worried about what and how I was writing and if people would like it during those first 3 days before #blogtober16 entred my life that it was a tad stressful. Having prompts to write about each day allowed me to just write for the sake of it and be damned if it wasn’t the most amazing blog post ever to grace your screen.

I have discovered a whole heap of new blogs to follow and read some really interesting posts. I understand Linkys now (sort of but still need to pin the bat badge on my posts when I remember)

I have also been able to loosen up about my writing which has been enjoyable  (even if it drives Keith to distraction when reading the posts the next day and spotting all the errors).

The blogging community is a hugely supportive one and particularly as a parent it is fab to read that you are not alone (we all hate that damn pig!). I have learnt a lot over the last four weeks but the stuff I have  yet to learn is endless (and really exciting).

I might not be blogging every day from now on but I will be a lot less stressed and enjoy the writing as I have done with #blogtober16. A huge thank you to Mandi from for being a wonderful host 👍

On a side note, One of Each will hopefully, fingers crossed, be going self hosted next week. I can’t wait to show you all the new site and speak to you soon.

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