Oh thank heavens an easy #blogtober16 for once!

So this is so nice and simple. I have two dream holidays. The first would be to go to Iceland and see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). I have seen them once before, walking home in a less than sober state in Inverness. I chased them over garden fences. I am imagining something more dignified in Iceland. Also I would love to stay in a hotel like this one!

The second place I would ┬álove to see isn’t an exact place but rather I would love to tour all the Scottish Islands. I have been to a few like Mull and Shetland and Keith has been to others with work but we have both said that at some point either before the kids start school or during the holidays we would take a RV and travel round for a few months. Living in Scotland you sometimes take for granted the gorgeous scenery and nature we are surrounded by and I think it would be amazing to experience all the different mini cultures each island has to offer.

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