Are you a Pinterest Mom? I remember hearing that term years and years ago and not having a clue what it meant. Well now I do know what it is and I can confirm that I am what I would call an unsuccessful aspiring Pinterest Mummy! By that I mean I bloomin’ love Pinterest and I do use it for craft inspiration but I don’t think I always quite achieve the desired or depicted outcome. I have read there is a bit of a divide between folk who are all Pinterest crafty and baking wonderful creations for bake sales etc and those who flat out refuse to even try for fear of failure. I however have found speaking to other parents in particular that once you have kids the divide becomes rather blury as you might give crafting a go for your kids and find you really rather enjoy it, even if you don’t nail it every time!
Piterest fails are always rather entertaining as they remind us we are all human. I often suspect the original photos could not possible have been achieved by one person but most likely a whole production team. I have however had some great ideas from Pinterest and even some successes with my attempts so thought I would share a few here and show you it is possible for an average person to craft, have fun, and even produce a photo you can stick on Instagram from it!

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest here too as I pin a whole load of wonderfully impossible (and also some achievable ones of course!) pins. I share a #littlemakes pinning board with Jemma over at Thimble and Twig where we store everyone’s making posts they have added to our linky and they really are wonderful. What do you use Pinterest for? Crafts, baking or perhaps house inspiration? I use it for all those things and more.
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