I am away visiting my sister at the moment and did not come prepared for the #blogtober17 prompts so I don’t have access to really old photos, just the oldest Facebook has! So it transpires the oldest photo album I have on Facebook is called “Probably the only photos I’ll ever put up on here, sorry folks!” It is 1 of a hell of a lot more photo albums that I did put up…
I remember I had just started university when someone told me about Facebook and how I just HAD to join. I was not convinced at all and it took me absolutely forever to upload those 10 photos. The majority of which were actual prints of photos that I had to scan to get on to the computer. Let the finger wagging ‘kid’s these days don’t know how good they have it’ begin!
So here we all are, 11 of the 12 folks I lived with for freshers year of uni. That’s me, far right. All in black, in the glasses, oh yeah in a see through lace top with no vest under, just a bra. I thought I looked cool as cool can be! The floating head beneath me is Tom aka Beans who became my best friend and who I would later live with for many many more years. I love this photo because I still remember the excitement of starting uni and living ‘on my own’. There is nothing quite like it.
Me on another freshers week night out. Still rocking the goth look and a handbag made of chain. Also I bloomin loved chokers. Ah simple times.
As I hadn’t taken many photos of the uni ‘gang’ when I put this album up I through in some of me and my sister from that Summer in Germany and Liverpool. I remember spending ages picking which ones I thought showed me in the best light. I wanted to look ‘cute’ and fun hence my ‘wackey’ face photo from rock climbing. The descriptions I put with the photos was so cringe I can’t even face retyping it here. Let’s just say there was lots of like totally’s…
There were loads of birthdays to celebrate at uni as there were 12 of us so I decided to throw a colour party for mine. My Mum is mad crazy for big little parties so she posted up so much fun colourful kids food and cake, the rest of them didn’t really know what was going on but happily ate it all. I obviously wore the opposite to black, white and insisted we all went to The Cat House, a metal club in Glasgow which most of the others wouldn’t have been too but everyone had a lot of fun.
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