Ah love. Lovely lovely love. I love loving things and yet when the love of my life (that’s Keith) first told me he loved me I just buried my head in his chest as we were hugging at the time, and I just replied “thank you!” So let’s rewind back to that time almost nine years ago. We had only been dating a really short time and he was just supposed to be a guy I dated for a bit of fun. He was the absolute opposite to all the other guys I had dated. He had a skin head where I normally dated guys with long hair and dreads. He wore absolutely absurdly baggy street style pants whereas I previously dated goths. Heck he looked like Eminem and I HATED Eminem but I thought Keith was the hottest guy alive and there wasn’t a hope in hell  he’d be interested in me. Fortunately for us both I had gone through a crap break up and had my heart broken previously so I was in a highly rebellious phase so I just took the matter in to my own hands and asked him out.
Imagine my surprise then when he actually said yes and kept saying yes to every other meet up I could conjure up to see him. We had a lot of the same friends although I had actually only met him once before at a party when I was dating someone else. I had fancied the pants off him then too but had just enjoyed our drunken chat in the hallway with no stress because I wasn’t single and I was sure he would have a girlfriend  (he didn’t, he’s only ever had one before me and that was three years earlier)
Things moved pretty fast and I think that is because as well as being partners, we are best friends so all the dates we had were so easy then we just filled the time between dates hanging out and then we thought we might as well live together because honestly we were inseparable but not in a gross kind of way. Anyhow before we moved in together,  infact after we had been dating only a few weeks Keith said those three little words and I was overjoyed because of course I loved him too but I thought it just couldn’t be.  That wasn the plan and I couldn’t have got that luckily. Thankfully my heart whipped my head into shape and I told him I loved him a few days later. Poor guy had sent so many texts apologising for saying it and must have had a hellish week!
We’ve been together nine years now. We are still best friends. We are now a family with our two darling kids. We have grown up through our 20’s together and will watch our kid’s grow up together. The love you feel for your kids is such a natural pure love, like a bond that will always be there. The love between Keith and I will always be there too but I love how it is a different love. It burns and there is no natural tie, just this desire to share our lives with each other and a love for each others personality that no-one else with ever get. Don’t want to get too mushy but the man completes me.
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