I don’t enjoy cooking (at all) but I do enjoy a beautiful, well though out family kitchen. It is actually top of my list for what I want to change and create in our new house. With Keith working away a lot it is me making three meals a day (plus all the extra bits!) for myself and the kid’s. I often end up putting the TV on whilst I cook dinner to keep them distracted and away from the hot ovan and between my feet. Kid’s are drawn to the most dangerous place to go at the most dangerous time aren’t they?! So ideally I would much prefer a kitchen dinner so the kid’s can see me and I them and harmony will rein supreme surely! Here is a sneak peak into some of my kitchen mood board that you can go checkout over on the magical world of Pinterest.
My favourite style of house is Victorian with it’s grand high ceilings, beautiful grey stone masonry and lovely big windows. However my favourite type of kitchen is a country farm kitchen. I absolutely adore big rustic looking wooden tables and chairs that the whole family can jump up and down from throughout the day doing homework or arts and crafts whilst food is prepared. I am also a big fan of wood and slate together as I think the wood warms the slate and both are practical as they are hard wearing if properly looked after.
Other than the overall esthetic of the kitchen I think the most important thing is getting the layout right for how you as a family use your kitchen. Before we bought our house we had only ever rented so had no say in the positioning of kitchen units and I definitely preferred some kitchens to others we stayed at. When we do get our wonderful kitchen fitted I am definitely going to be installing things like the soft touch closing units (you know the ones kids can’t bang!) and I love the look of some of these clever storage ideas above.
I have always loved the stable doors in farm kitchens so you can have fresh air and lovely light coming in. It does however rely on good old British weather so when a few years ago all the home improvement shows started featuring beautiful glass extensions that also fully opened up into the garden, I thought they were genius. Again another for my wish list, even if Keith looks at me like I am mad when I mention them.
To finish off our kitchen I think I would like to add lots of slightly unusual elements like this black basin instead of the usual white. It is always nice to have something a bit different to what everyone else is doing and to put your stamp on your house. Beautiful tiles and copper odds and ends are also a favourite of mine to complete the look.
Do you have your dream kitchen? What does / would make it so perfect?
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2 thoughts on “K – Kitchen”

  1. I need two kitchens ideally as i have two very different favourite types of kitchen. I love the rustic country kitchen look with lots of natural light. But I also love the shiny black and white kitchens with cool lights. Good job I can’t afford a remodel yet haha x

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