“Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“A banana!”
“A banana who?”
“You’re a banana man!!! Ah hahaha!!!” …
Aiden LOVES jokes. Only they aren’t actually jokes a lot of the time; just sentences said with the same emphasis as jokes and followed by belly laughs from a three year old. Kid’s love mimicking adult behaviour don’t they, so Aiden is no different and after his Grandi got him a joke book a few months ago (thanks again for that one Dad!) he has asked pretty much daily for us to tell him jokes or has tried his hand at making his own.
It transpires Aiden has a very erm surrealist sense of humour. Think Mighty Boosch with any given scene stuck on repeat so you hear it over and over. Not only does Aiden love hearing jokes and asking “say that again” a million times as he tries to understand the joke, and he loves trying to create his own ones. He checks with us if we “understood” them and laughs even more when I throw my arms in the air and declare he is talking twaddle.
Aiden’s favourite type of jokes are knock knock jokes as he understands their form but not quite the punchline. He also loves this pirate joke but oh my days trying to get him to say because they arrrr and not because they SAY arrrr, was  a whole new level of frustration! He also loves:
Knock knock
Who’s there?
A tish
A tish who?
Bless you!
Both the kid’s have fantastic, full belly giggles and it is always a delight to hear them. As grown-ups I don’t think we laugh as much. We let the serious stuff take over and that is a huge shame because laughter really is the best medicine.  I feel a million times better when I have had a good laugh and I love watching or listening to comedians. Do you laugh on a regular basis? Do you go and see comedians or just let the kids make you laugh?
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4 thoughts on “J – Joke”

  1. I can’t wait till J starts telling the bad kid jokes. He does like to make me laugh by doing funny things like hiding and jumping out at me, or putting smelly socks in my face to pretend they stink haha x

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