Ah Instagram. You pretty pretty square world you. I have read a lot about the ‘dangers’ of those beautiful photos. An argument has been presented that they portray a falsehood. That if people only see photos of perfectly lit, smiling people doing extraordinary things then they will expect too much from their lives and feel bad when they don’t measure up. Now I understand the argument. I believe that we do all need to talk more about the bits people don’t want to see or feel awkward talking about. Mental health issues, mental well-being, and just plain sucky days exist for all or most of us and should be in the media more so to remove the stupid taboo that surrounds them however just because there should be more of one thing does not directly mean there needs to be less of another i.e those beautiful squares. I feel no shame in the joy I feel looking at photos of my two darling wee ones when they look like bloomin’ angelic beauties in that perfect Autumn backdrop. Equally though, that photo of my girl picking her nose with her tiny crinkled nose, spreads a smile across my face that would raise me out of any bad mood.
Whatever the subject matter on Instagram though, the accounts I enjoy following always have a similar level of photography skills. I don’t mind blury cute or funny photos on Facebook but I do like my feed on Instagram to be as crisp as possible. I’m not the best photographer in the world but I am working on getting better and I love seeing other photos for inspiration. You can learn so much about angles and light sources just by noting what you do and don’t like about other pictures. So here is my Instagram in case you wish to follow me.Come give me some feedback and tips on my photos, I would absolutely love that!
Here is the Instagram of a friend of mine, Adele from Nest and Dressed. She produces some stunning photos full of colour and light which is no mean feat when she is based up here on the West Coast of Scotland with me! She is also running a wonderful hashtag called #LiveLifeInFullColure in November which I am very excited about so why not check it out and join in!
I asked blogger Laura from Edinburgh with Kids, which Instagramer she most enjoys and she came back with one I wasn’t already following so that was a lovely treat for me. Laura suggested Cathryn over at @littlepaperswan because of her uncluttered simplicity whilst still remaining true to showing her real family life. How gorgeous is this feed? The photos are so clever in there simplicity and they really have me wanting to try some new ideas out with my camera. So who are your favourites on Instagram?
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