My parents met over ice cream. My Dad was acting as security at a big hippy rally over in Berlin. This in itself is hilarious as my Dad is a total pacifist and as soft as they come but he is tall! My Mum (a wee shorty at 5ft 2) thought the poor pale English man looked like he was sweltering in the German Summer sun so bought him an ice cream. He didn’t have the heart to tell her he didn’t really like ice cream. The rest, as they say, is history. And my Dad now eats ice cream probably every few days.
My folks on one of our trips to visit family in Düsseldorf. 
I have always absolutely loved ice cream. Not only is it directly responsible for my very existence in this life but by heavens it is yummy. As kid’s we always spent the Summers over in Germany. That meant actual hot hot sun, ice cream every single day and several times a day. Lunch sometimes was just ice cream it was too hot to eat anything else (except pommes, I could probably always go a wee pokey of chips! It is a marvel I was such a skinny kid.)
Me in Köln circa about 2009. You get the BEST tomato sauce in Germany but be careful they drown the chips in it.
In Germany they have Eis cafés with entire menus just selling ice cream. Can you imagine how exciting that is for a kid? (Hell it’s exciting for me as a grown-up now) They have a crazy amount of flavours and the ice cream is always very good quality and often Italian.  They also make the ice cream even more fun by creating characters out of it AND ice cream spaghetti which my little sister just couldn’t get enough of. I myself am a big fan of lots of ice cream and lots of fruit but no cream, it is a waste of space! I still love getting a knickerbocker glory when we find one in the UK and can’t wait for our next trip to Germany, the land that made me and the best ice cream!
In 2010 we went to visit family in Germany for a week. With the volcanic ash (remember that?!) we got stuck there an extra week and ate a lot more ice cream. See my sister still goes for spaghetti ice cream and my Dad still pretends he doesn’t like it and gets the plainest one possible! 
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