Other than visiting family and a trip to Germany for my Opa’s funeral, we haven’t been on ‘proper’ holiday for at least four years and it is probably closer to five. Now don’t worry, this isn’t a woe is me type of post. Infact it is quite the opposite I think. You see I like holidays but not probably the usual sun sea sand type. I do actually like the sea and sand (not so keen if it is too hot) but I could only do the lazing by the pool for a maximum of two days I think.
About five years ago Keith and I did our first (and only!) ‘proper’ holiday. We went to Egypt for 11 days. It was nice spending time together at a fancy all inclusive hotel, sunshine and all that jazz but we both said we wouldn’t bother again. We had a bad experience with a local taxi driver hunting us down to our hotel room which was unnerving so we didn’t feel safe leaving the hotel much. In fact they sort of design it so you don’t need to with all the things available there but we found that so tiresome by a few days in. The best part of the holiday was actually leaving the hotel and going diving and snorkeling but to do that you got absolutely hounded so it really was an effort.

Here we are on our way and the first day of our fancy holiday. We were pretty excited!
By day three however we were bored out of our minds! At least I can always rely on Keith to be as batty as me.
We also went on a simple self catering holiday to the Isle of Mull the year before and it was by far much more “us”. We rented a lovely cosy cottage with open fire and stunning views, packed up the car with carefully planned out food rations and wandered freely each day. It might not have been has lovely and sunny as Egypt but it was more relaxing. We saw such beautiful natural sights including a pair of Golden Eagles spotted totally by chance on a drive back from hunting out a replacement tire after we got a flat. Keith didn’t actually believe me when I said I think those are golden eagles but was pretty pleased to be proven wrong.  We hopped out the car and followed them all round the most beautiful graveyard high up in the hills. My favourite memory was just watching the colours that wrapping paper produces in the flames on an open fire because it was my birthday when we were there and my family had asked Keith to hide and bring all my gifts. It is exactly the type of holiday I hope to repeat many times over and soon with the kids.
It might have rained on occasion but we had fun every day on Mull!
Geo-caching, hillwalking, boats, flat tire adventures. What’s not to love?!
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  1. I love the isle of mull! Like you I’m not one for hot holidays lounging around by the pool. Growing up those were the kinds of holidays I always had with my family and I’d go mad with boredom! #blogtober17

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