My favourite time of year is Autumn.  I love it so much I named my daughter after it. Well her middle name is Autumn anyhow.

Everything good in my life seems to happen in Autumn. I met my partner in Autumn. We had our first date roaming round the streets of Glasgow hunting for a birthday present for my sister. I remember being glove and scarf clad as we got to know each other, you could see your breath in the air, and the hot chocolate at the end of the date would not have been as perfect had it have been any other season.

Both my children were born at the height of Summer but erm, how do I put this? they were ‘made’in Autumn.

The colours in Autumn are just phenomenal. Not only are the trees the most amazing mixture of golden browns but because of leaves falling on the ground the whole world gets coated in Autumn. (Oh and the crunchy leaves underfoot on a crisp day. Do not get me started on that natural perfection) The light seems better in Autumn. I’m not sure how and why but there definitely is better light.

The weather is perfect. I don’t like hot weather and I equally don’t want to freeze so Autumn is spot on (as long as it doesn’t rain too much).

And finally the most important thing about Autumn and probably how it remains my favourite season year after year. The boots. Oh the glorious glorious boots you can wear in Autumn. I don’t actually wear anything other than boots all year long but in Autumn I certainly fit in more. Living in Scotland boots are essential but in Autumn they become fashionable and oh there are so many beautiful boots.

So that is my favourite season. Do you have one?

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5 thoughts on “Favourite time of year and why -Day 23 #blogtober16”

  1. I just love autumn too, but don’t think I have quite so many worthwhile reasons to love it. Love that you named your daughter too (middle name anyway) – beautiful name

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