I have only been using Instagram for about 2-3 weeks now so thankfully only have approximately 60 posts to sift through which makes this a bit easier.

My favourite photo so far would have to be this one 👇

Keith snapped in when we were over in Germany a few weeks ago. We were down on the river Rhine, taking my Opa (Grandad) for a walk in his wheelchair. Aiden was off kicking and rolling in Autumn leaves behind us with his Aunties and Oma and his Uropa watched in delight.Faye was due a feed and I didn’t want to have to end everyone’s fun, so Keith and I just pulled up on this bench and I nursed her.

It was a perfect Autumn day and the sun was glorious and warm. I love this photo for several reasons. I love that after breastfeeding my son for 14 months, this time round I have been so confident from the start that I can really enjoy the bonding time, and I feel so comfortable breastfeeding that feeding outdoors doesn’t even phase me anymore. I love the colours of the Autumn leaves. I love how me and my daughter are gazing at each other.  I love her dress! (near impossible to find black clothes for babies but this one is so fab). And most of all I love that I am in it. Mum’s are so often the one’s behind the camera  (I certainly am) and I usually protest if someone tries to take a photo of me but in the end I love those photos of me and mine.

And talking of mine, I can’t resist sharing my favourite Instagram photo of each of my wee ones.

I was so happy with how both these came out. I think that I managed to capture their natural looks and you can see each of their wonderful personalities shining out.

👇 📷 Fancy seeing more? This is us 📷 👇


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