When I first saw the prompt for today all I could think was “I don’t like flowers!” Then I realised actually I do like flowers, very much infact. I just don’t like bunches of flowers. You see if they are in a bunch they are already on their way to being dead so I just find them a waste of money and a bit sad. I know what you are thinking, aren’t I cynical / a cheap date. You would be correct on both counts!

My favourite flowers are wild flowers. Especially ones that bees enjoy because they are beautiful and practical AND are keeping us all alive. What is not to love? I have always dreamed of having a wild country garden bursting with colourful flowers around every secret nook and craney. Until now I haven’t had my own garden to plant and plan the design of though so I don’t actually know where to begin but at least with wild flowers I can go erm “wild”.

Having said that I don’t like bunches of flowers is a bit of a lie actually as I do like getting one kind of bunch and that is irises for my birthday. You see my middle name is Iris. I was given the name because my Dad brought my Mum irises to the hospital on the day I was born. He has gotten me a bunch for my birthday ever since and named his book shop ‘Iris Books’ after me too so they are very close to my heard. Plus how lucky that they are also absolutely stunning flowers and in my favourite colour too!

Whereas I don’t like getting bunches of flowers, I do adore getting pot plants as presents. They look nicer and last longer. Plus they can be much cheaper than flowers too! I also like giving people plants as gifts when visiting and just add a bow to them and they look pretty fancy. I would have plants all over the house if I could. They make me feel happy just looking at them and I am pretty sure that they contribute to a healthier environment and cleaner air to breath (I’m going to need to Google that…)

I also have a bit of an obsession with cacti or succulents ever since I was a kid. My Grandad had hundreds of them and would give us cuttings from them when we visited. Now my Dad has a lovely collection too and I have taken some cuttings and started my own collection. Life in the fast lane ay? They look beautiful in the bathroom though and pretty hard to kill off. Do you have a favourite house plant?

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  1. We’ve got a lovely path between our house and the shops which is filled with wild flowers in the summer – it always looks so pretty! #Blogtober

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