This might be a bit controversial, but here goes; I like Disney films I really do, but I’m not quite so erm, fanatic, as some others. So when I read the title for this post I drew a total blank. I struggled to even remember a character that really stuck in my mind. See I love the overall films but erm the characters have erm always erm seemed erm a bit…2D? *hides in corner and waits for shaming.

I think my despondency towards a particular character is due to my eldest not yet being even 2.5 years and not watching much TV, and therefore I haven’t watched a Disney film in a long time. I am sure if I gave it the time and care is deserves I would be tagging myself in animated versions of ‘Disney character’s as Mums’ and posting my results of the ‘which Disney Princess are you REALLY?’ quizes.

As a kid it was the character of Pocohontis that I always wanted to play when we played with friends’ Disney dolls. She had dark hair like me, she wore a dress you could move in, she spent all her time outdoors, she spoke with animals, and best of all, she told the men/boys what to do and how they were wrong and she was right and well that rocked.

I held a mini Scottish premier in the cinema a ran in the Highlands when Brave was released so I also feel a strong effinity with Merida. I love that film. I love that it is set in Scotland, the soundtrack, the actors involved, and the back story behind it being written. Mostly I love a leading lady with a sense of adenture and Disney not even trying to stuff a prince in there anywhere.

So to settle this once and for all (it has been a hot topic in our household today; Keith put forward Ursula from The Little Mermaid…) The results are in. Readers I did this for you. Drum roll please…

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