I dated when I was younger but I never really did much of actively going on dates. You know, the pick me up at the door with a bunch of flowers type thing? I have never been on that type of date. I tended instead to have boyfriends straight away and then we would go places together but I’m not fully convinced you could call them dates. My very first date with my darling Keith (after already hanging out at parties and friends houses) consisted of hours trapesing round Glasgow looking for a model car for my sister’s birthday a few days later (she was turning 22, it was a random joke that I never managed to complete). We did also get a hot chocolate in Waterstones and then I couldn’t kiss him because I was chewing the gum he had offered me which I obviously couldn’t refuse. *awkward

Keith and I are best friends as well as partners (yeah yeah I know, go puke in the corner) so pretty quickly once we started “dating” we moved in together and then we would just go on adventures together rather than dates. It’s hard to explain the difference but there definitely is one. We decided to climb all the Munro’s together and almost managed two. That is the type of “dates” that we do and that I love. We simply exist together and when something exciting happens we look round hoping the other one is there.

Since having kid’s, our dates mainly consist of adventures the kid’s can come on. In the last four years we have been on two, maybe three, child free dates. One was a wedding we attended and the other was probably the closest thing to a full in date I have ever been on. We went to see Hans Zimmer in concert in Glasgow and even went for a meal and a drink before hand. It was absolutely wonderful but so is popping down the beach with Keith and the kids like last week.

We have actually discussed our lack of dates on several occasions because others like to add their two cents and seem to find it odd we don’t book a babysitter (I wouldn’t even know how to start!) and do a date night weekly. Society seems to have decided how people should spend their time together and it might be wonderful for some but it just doesn’t suit us. We do need / want to spend a bit of time away from the kid’s as currently we never ever do this but I highly doubt there will be a bouquet in sight when we do as we would both much prefer to scurry up a climbing wall and I think the flowers would just get in the way.

So as I’m not really a going on dates kind of gal I thought I’d share some important dates with you as I do love a good calander date!

5th October 2008

Our official anniversary of that fateful Glasgow gum date! Nine years this year and next year on our 10th anniversary we might get married if we feel like it. We also aren’t so big on marriage but thought it might be useful with the kid’s (it is an absolute headache to try and fly with them on my own as THEIR MUM but having a different name) although I think I’d keep my name so who knows what we will decide this time next year. Maybe we’ll do a wedding like how we do our dates, just spend time together and maybe sign a bit of paper.


Both my children were born on the 18th. I actually willed Faye to arrive on the 18th (positive thinking, pineapple juice and chasing a toddler on a bike helped too) With 8 in our anniversary too I am a big fan of that upright eternity sign and think it fits our family pretty wonderfully.


Both Keith and I were born this year and although everyone always thinks Keith is older (he’s just tall folks) he is infact six months younger than me. Officially nabbed myself a toy boy!

Do you have a favourite date?


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5 thoughts on “D – Date (s)”

  1. Everyone finds it mad how we don’t go on ‘dates’ regularly, but to be honest I’m always too knackered anyway, if we do, do something without the kids we always end up talking about them loads anyway!

  2. I’m like you and wouldn’t say i have ever really been on a proper date. It was always be and my mate with her boyfriend and his mate or going out for food with someone that i already knew from our friendship circle. To which we would then go and meet up with fiends after or they would join us wherever we were at some point.

  3. My favourite date is definitely 24/08/11 which was our wedding day. The best day of my life – so much fun and the one day I literally didn’t worry about anyone else 🙂

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