Today’s prompt for #blogtober17 is Cars. Now you are going to have to forgive the ramshackle nature of this post as I spent most of yesterday in A&E with Aiden who was having breathing difficulties and a temperature again. Now we are back home thankfully and I am up nursing wee Faye who is also full of whatever horrid virus Aiden has. So cars…

Well now I drive. I have done for quite some time although for a large amount of the time since I passed my theory at seventeen and practical at nineteen, I actually didn’t drive at all because I was at University and had no need for a car in Glasgow. It actually would have been even more stressful to drive in the city I think not to mention way to expensive for a student. Anyhow I passed both my driving tests first time. I had a tutor but I also learnt with my Dad (how mad expensive are lessons!) There is a bit of a “thing” in my family that all of us going back across the generations, me, my sister, Mum, Dad, Gran and Grandad etc all passed first time. No pressure then when I did it! I enjoy driving now, as I did when I first learnt but somewhere in the middle I lost my confidence and avoided driving at all costs. It was only after I had Aiden and Keith was working away lots that we decided I needed a car of my own. It changed my life and the more I drove the more I realised I love the freedom having a car allows you. So for the love of cars here are some important ones from my life so far.

The first car I remember from my childhood was our Volvo. He (yes he!) was called Chokey because sometimes his choke would be tricky especially in the Winter. This is my all time favourite car ever!! I LOVED Chokey so much, it was a little weird really. I think it was the memories of all the camping holidays we went on with him and the weekend car boot sales and antique fairs. The car was huge but we always filled it. And by filled it I mean when me and my sister climbed out of our seats you could see out outlines as everything had been packed all around us! Nowadays I’m not sure we wouldn’t get pulled over but that was the 90’s and noone battered an eyelid. When my folks decided to sell Chokey as he had reached 24 years old (one more year and we wouldn’t pay road tax!) I was absolutely devastated. I was 16 and couldn’t drive yet but I tried to buy him off my folks for £250 which is what they were selling him for. Unfortunately they thought he wouldn’t make a good first car (he was massive!) and they sold him to this artist for carting his massive canvases around in. The car I learnt to drive in a year later was a Nissan Micra with green tartan interior. I liked that it was black but that was about it!

My current car is a Skoda Octavia. Skoda’s use to get a lot of bad press and I wanted an Audi because well the adverts told me I did. Luckily Keith is much more sensible and I absolutely LOVE my Skoda now. I would even look at other Skoda’s when we buy a new one as it is so wonderfully designed and I think actually pretty attractive looking.

One thing I don’t like is small cars. I feel much safer in a big vehicle. I have wanted a Nissan Amarok for so long but they really are beasts so I think I’d need to borrow one for a week first to see how I got on with the likes of parking (I can not parallel park for toffee!)

Just like with houses, you always fill the space you have and now with two kids my beloved Skoda estate is often full. It is pretty hard to squeeze my Mum and Dad in too when they visit or we go on holiday together. I think a seven seater is calling me even if Keith will kill me. I know it will be gun metal grey as all the best cars are but which model or make I haven’t a clue. Anyone have a great family car they would recommend?

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2 thoughts on “C – Cars”

  1. I quite like my Fiat 500 XL – although to be honest, I don’t really like family cars! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for me to move to a Mini Countryman and I can zip around town again!

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