I am writing this because of babies. I am awake at silly o.clock in the morning because of babies. I have less hair than I did a few years ago because of babies. More wrinkles and bags under my eyes because of babies. I cry more (both sad and happy and absolutely desperate tears) because of babies. I have stretchmarks and a squishy tummy because of babies (and a bit because of the chocolate that babies drive one to eat!)

Faye having fallen asleep after a feed. I loved the early days were they could have a wee nap on you and you wouldn’t worry they wouldn’t nap later!

I have two babies and no matter how many years go by or how they aren’t actually technically babies anymore, I will always have two babies because that’s what being a parent means. I will hold them close, love and cherish and worry about then as much as I did when I first held them as newborn babies. My babies are now three years fours months old and one year three months old. I have a pre-schoolers and a toddler according to Google and Mumsnet definitions. I still frequently call them my babies and am often corrected by my son who giggles as he declares “I’m not a baby!”

Aiden and Faye both newborn

Babies are the reason I actually started this blog this time last year as I was up nursing my youngest and I needed something to connect me with the outside world that wasn’t online shopping (I saw far too much of the postman on a daily basis and frequently asked him what on earth did I order this time?!) Now a year later I am still up nursing my baby and was up a few hours ago cuddling my pre-schooler baby as we have a house filled with the cold. They won’t always need me in the middle of the night and whilst I do love sleep, I love cuddles with my babies more so it will be ok. For now I’m going to peruse through some photos of them as tiny baby babies safe in the knowledge that I am tired enough not to mean it makes me want a third. Heck I’m never not tired enough for that thought!

Ah a sleeping baby. Smiles all round.
Can you actually think of anything better than cuddles from a newborn?
Both my babies came out with a whole head of hair and a whole load of personality!
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